Toxicity, Deficiency, or Paranoia?

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  1. Okay so this is my second grow and I have a question but first thing is first
    Name: D
    Tent: 36"x36"80" Helios
    Light: 400w HPS in upper 6" air cooled reflector
    Ducting: 6"
    Exhaust: Topolight 6" 460 cfm
    Fans: 1 clip on fan blowing near light, 1 oscillating fan with tent open because summer heat with no ac.
    Medium: FFOF soil
    Pots: 3 gallon fabric
    H2O: kroger purified
    Plants: 4x unknown genetics (seeds from a friend)
    Rh: 50% with lights on 60% when off
    Temp: 72°F with lights off 80°F with lights on.
    Nutrients: FF tiger bloom and General Organics CaMg+
    Feeding: 1/2 tsp of each nutrient per gallon. 2 gallons water divided by 4 plants. Every 4 waterings.
    General watering: every 2-4 days waiting until medium is almost fully dry.
    Ph: unknown second grow (I know i need to start) but ph of water should be around 6.8
    I am at day 27 of flower. Now call me a worried gardener but I think I see burnt tips, darker than normal foliage, and some clawing tips, plus red petioles. Last veg feed was with FF Big Bloom 1/4 tsp per gallon at 1\4 gal per plant at week 1 of flower. My question is of diagnoses nature. Does my plant have a Nitrogen Toxicity? Calmag deficiency? Or paranoia? Overall they look pretty healthy but those burnt tips and petioles are giving me a hard time. Do they look too dark/sick? received_825034621226182.jpeg received_2188093914650872.jpeg received_1247962475381080.jpeg received_493716811439729.jpeg received_359308378352855.jpeg received_1032161427174391.jpeg received_465463930959851.jpeg Thank you for your thoughts and opinions! :)
  2. well, I'm happy to tell you that you are more paranoid than I am. and that there is nothing that I can see that is wrong with your plant.
    welcome to GC D.
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  3. Lookin good to me.....
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  4. Thanks for your input y'all. Maybe I need to step away from the tent and let them grow...
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  5. By the way thank you for the welcome!
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  6. Those are looking fantastic, I would drop nitrogen from feedings this far into flower. Other than that well done!!

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