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Toxic tap water??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by goldenbrown, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone, just wondering if anybody have came across a premises where they lived and grown or friends that have, where no matter what you do , the plants turn deficient and and struggle to root and grow or even produce decent bud. No matter that the growing environment is fine, you are using the exact same nute schedule and cuts that someone else uses and who gets amazing results .

    My brother lives probably not 500 meters away from me and have for the last two years been struggling to grow. We use the same nutes,cuts etc and tbf his environment ,temps etc is better than mine. But he is always flushing,changing the tank ect. It usually only takes a week for the plants to start showing signs of deficiencies, by the time his plants are 5 or 6 weeks into flower,his leaves are all dead and his bud hardly produces and with hardly any resin. Just last week I gave him some lovely cuts, he had them in his cupboard under a t5 showing mag/ def just like all his others and then just gets worse. Using same nutes as me ect,it happens every gow ,have tried everything for the last two years. The only thing we can think of is his tap water which is the only thing we have no guarantee of being the same??

    Could his tap water be toxic? Have checked with water companies in the uk and we are both getting it from the same source and supplier. Could he have old dodgy pipes? We are both frustrated and confused.

    Oh have gone from coco to soil with same bad results, albeit soil takes longer to show the problem but still the same bad result.
  2. ur ppm meter is your guide?

    more research on your part of the water is good ..Ph too

    imo/= Flush the rez

    refill with RO water or even a mix

    and only one third of the required nutes

    only add nutes once you have seen some recovery action

    increasing every 5-10 days to 66% of rec levels

    good luck
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  3. My water is terrible(550ppm, 8.5ph) and still works fine as long as I don't add too much extra calcium, but unless you both have your own wells your probably both getting the same water from the city I don't see that making a huge difference maybe he has PM or some other underlying issue that he is mistaking for a deficiency.
  4. Rule out a bad meter .? Compare water samples and meter readings . any pics od defects ?
  5. Meters are fine,double checked with diff meters and all calibrated. No odd defects. I'm going to buy 100 litres of bottled water and place a plant in his tent and see how it goes,if it's not the water ,it will show within days. I shall update when I know.
  6. Yesterday I took one plant to my brothers house and repotted it to a larger pot. Filled the tank with bottled water,the ph of the water was 10.5! Very alkaline, ec not registering . I added cal/mag which brought the ec up to 0.3 then added base nutes. The ph then tested to 6 with no need for adjustment. If ro water is like this, I think I will definitely get a system.

    Now here's the kicker. I only after all this time noticed my brother has a freezer in the same room, could this be off gassing and making the room toxic??
  7. Now get plain pH paper tester double check one more time of that's the case and it said high and you're on the same water company what's happened is the pipes under his house or corrosive and old he would probably be best to buy spring water bottle or get water from you and let sit out overnight always pH water before giving it the plants without proper pH plant don't use nutrients in proper way
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  8. The bottled water I tested was 10.5 ph. When I added cal mag and base nutes the ph dropped to 6.I am using bottled water for a week or so to see if the plant shows problems like all the other times. If it stays green for a week on bottled water ,then I will know there is something up with his pipes like how you described. The water straight out his tap comes in at 8.0 ph with an ec of 0.4, hard water. My tap water, which I use for my grow comes in at a ph of 6.5 to 6.6 and ec 0.4 hard water.
  9. Haha let him use your water...the true test
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  10. Ok you are def. Doing something wrong... Take about tablespoon your water before doing anything add three to four drops stir or shake preferably... Get color check chart post pics... If using electronic one it'sd wrong bottle water can't have pH 10 they couldn't sell that
  11. 7.0 is normal pH sent out by most company's
  12. Btw you pH water before adding nutes if I'm not mistaken
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    Some ppl will say differently but if you look up in cannabible I'm pretty sure you stabilize pH then add nutes. †*******gonna check into this more gonna admit I've used nutes for over ten years never pH till year ago don't know why thought I didn't need to then I find that my plant would use nutes more and better at right pH...bc I did look investigating earlier I may have it backwards but not gonna act like I know alot about pH yet everything else yes just we never really cared but I care about everything now
  14. And earlier when I said get ph paper I meant the chart with the drops and lil tube to test in works legit very spot on must follow directions exactly though you can have all kinds outside cross contamination
  15. Water was ruled out a few weeks ago. Plants still went yellow. Concluded toxic room syndrome. I have now completely sealed the grow tent with on fresh air direct from outside and room air directly extracted away from room. The tent is completely sealed. I have also put an air purifier into the room where the tent is.
    It's been 1 week since I done this and the yellowing seems to have stopped and recovery is taking place. I will update in a week to confirm that it was toxic air in his flat. Cheers.

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