"Toxic personality"

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  1. a drowning person some times drags the one who is trying to save them down. Does it mean that they are unworthy of being saved?

    I know one of the things many people would do is to remove the toxic people from their lives so they would feel better. But what if these "toxic" people are just struggling for help? Each person that leaves is another weight added to helping them sink faster.

    What is your take on this blades?
  2. I think people come and go, and that's life. As people grow older they realize NO-ONE will stick around forever. You must help yourself the best you can, not by trying to "pull others down" or "get other people to help you" but by being an optimistic human being and approach every day as a challenging, but good experience.

    "Toxic people" must help themselves before looking for assistance.
  3. what if it is one who had helped you a lot before.
  4. It depends on what you mean by "toxic".

    In any situation, you can only help a person for so long before you need help yourself. I think instead of you helping a person by giving them money or things along that line, you should try to help the root problem.

    If you can't, or this person becomes too much for you, get someone else to help. Leaving a fellow human behind, physically or mentally, is wrong in my book.

    On the other end, however, this person needs to be willing to help themselves. If they don't believe they need to change, they won't and you can't make yourself crazy because you can't help them. Leaving someone behind might be the only thing you can do for them.
  5. Obviously a drowning person doesn't take somebody with them intentionally. You're in a life or death situation. People don't want to die, and their instincts take over and a lot of the times they do whatever they think is going to save them. Just like in this video:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qps7tG9rnMs]Family drowns at Indian waterfall Patalpani Indore - YouTube[/ame]
  6. I think he was talking a more metaphorical drowning. :hello:
  7. exactly my point. These negative or depressed folks are often NOT trying to drag you down. It just happens in the midst of their struggle.
    Some times they do lash out at the ones they love most and regrets it terribly after that but apologies are not accepted and they drown.

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