Toxic Mold making me sick, Afraid to have experts come in to remove it. Please Help!

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  1. I'll give the whole story and hopefully some one can give me some insight.

    Ive been in this apartment with a roomate for about six months now. Its a 728 sqf bottom floor (sub-ground) apartment. We have a 2x4x5 foot grow tent, and a unrelated cultivation setup in his room.

    About 4 months ago we saw signs of this dark mold growing on are bathroom ceiling, I didn't think that it was bad as bathroom mold is pretty common. As time went by the mold spread aggresively over the sealing, into the tiles, and toilet. Ive cleaned it a few times and it started to die, but in certain spots of the ceiling it comes back with in days.

    Finally the ceiling began to split and crack, around the same time we noticed we started getting a little sick, headaches have become a daily problem, as well as memory problems and rapid mood changes. All signs of Black Mold toxins in the body. I removed a peice of the ceiling and yup, thick patches of black mold have formed in large patches on the wood underneath.

    I'm leaving tonight to stay at my parents because we don't want to have experts come in to remove this mold. Im afraid they want to check the ceiling and corners of all rooms, my plants have another 6 weeks to go and they should be ready.

    Any advice? Please help me.
  2. Well being one who has worked in a building with black mold and actually my last apartment had some in the vent your plant is the least of your worries. Find another place etc to place it or scrap it.

    To deal with black mold its not simply spraying bleach on the walls and scrubbing. In both cases my office building (was in the military then) and my apartment forced everyone to move out of them...on my apartment just me. They sealed up the whole place, brought a environmental team in that were contracted and basically force fungualcided the place and bleach.

    The main cause of that is high taking a shower nor running the fan to exhaust the moisture, leaky pipes some kind of leak in your ventilation system.

    Bottom line black mold can cause serious serious lung infections leading all the way to death.

    What you do with your plant well thats the least of your worries. Find another place or throw it out. Its just a plant and seeds are a dime a dozen.

    I would suggest removing your plants they will want to check everywhere. Mold is like wood rot or a iceberg....if you can see it its much worse where you can't see. They will dig into the plaster, remove vents, tear up the carpet..more then likely your whole place has it.
  3. Eff your plants! Save yourself, homie.

    If this isn't your property, bail, and find a new place. Sterilize all your gear with bleach water, outside of the property, before bringing it into your new place. Growing is fun and exciting, but only if you're alive, and your quality of life is good. I don't care if it's the day before chop, your personal health and safety is far more important than any plants. The beautiful thing about growing is that you can resume/restart anytime.

    FYI, you can cut several clones, store them in a baggie with a squirt of water in there, and refrigerate (placed in a paper bag or other light-proof container) Open the bag, to allow some air to mix in every few days, and you can save clones for a couple months until you're ready to root them in the new location.

    good luck!
  4. I hung out in a place with black mold and got heart failure..dont know if thats what caused it but Im sure its not good for your heart and lungs
  5. Let's try a middle ground approach since this after all, the internet, filled with stories of extremes and scenarios which make the unlikely seem like the norm.

    What you need is a short-term fix to get you through the next six weeks safely in terms of health and especially the law. Clearly the reason you're on here looking for answers is because the simple ones aren't good enough (Scrapping the goods and calling some professionals who probably won't like your crop)

    What you should do is get some professionals eventually, because you may have a problem, but in the meantime you need some industrial strength mold paint. It will get you until harvest and the mold will not grow through it, at least not in a month and a half. Worry about the rest after that. You should be able to find it at a Menards or similar home improvement store. I had the same thing happen in my ceiling above the shower and a guy from the business below me had some paint for that. It's easy to find, don't panic.

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