Townhome or House with tenants - Too risky?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by basketballdude, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Hey guys i'm going to be starting my own grow soon. I have two pieces of property it will either be in:

    My house i'm living in. I live in the basement suite and rent out the top part to my tenants. I planned on using a grow room in the 2nd downstairs bedroom I was going to use white mylar polyester on the walls, tubs of vinegar and a charcoal filter to all mask the smell. Do you guys think the tenants would be able to notice the grow still? They don't have any access at all to the room but I figure the smell could pose a problem. What do you guys think.

    I also have a townhome that is being rented out but the people who live in it will be moving out soon I figure I could go for the same set-up in the townhome but the home itself is attached to other townhouses if I used the same methods to mask the smell could this be a problem too?

    Its going to be between 6 or 12 Northern Lights #5 plants with 3 or 6 300W HPP lights set-up. The flowering takes 6-8 weeks, Height 100-150 cm (5 feet), Yield is up to 125 grams. Thanks alot.
  2. i dont know if the risk is worth the reward, you could go to jail for years if one of your tenants snitches....
  3. So you think they would still be able to smell it? I was also thinking about moving to the upstairs of the house and possibly renting out the bottom it might work better that way. But if there's no way I can realistically mask the smell its probably not worth it.

    And you would say the townhouse would have a similar problem? Technically there isn't anyone else living in the townhome if I did decide to use that but there would be people living right next to me right past the wall.

    Maybe i'll go for a condo instead.
  4. hmm trailer park id say.

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