towel fibers on glass when drying

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  1. hey, i searched the forums for an answer to my question but came up empty handed. i just want to know how everyone dries the outside of their glass after cleaning. whenever i use a dish cloth, towel, or any other drying device, i get fibers on my glass, and it makes my cleaning process a little counter productive. is there a secret to drying a piece that i dont know about?? thanks
  2. hey, i might be able to help you out, i usually clean my glass (bong, down stem, bowl) with high percentage isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) i.e. 91-99%, easy to find, i use that and hot water, when i wash mine i get the alcohol all over, flush it out with hot water, fill it a little bit with fresh alcohol give it a shake to cover all the glass, wipe the outside down with alcohol, and then most importantly i rinse it with hot water all over and hag it upside down for a few and give it a few good shakes and then use a towel, it leaves it spotless the way i do it, gl.:smoking:
  3. not to sound like a douche, but i know how to clean the bong, its the drying that i have troubles with. the towel fibers attach to my bong upon using it, is my problem. thanks though
  4. lol

    umm i spray glass cleaner on a little towel and clean the outside of the glass, leaves no streaks or residue of any kind! just leaves the glass looking too damn clean lol :hello:
  5. Drying is part 2 of a 2 part system. Clean then dry. Someone offers you help and you shoot it down? Are you really that ignorant?

    If you read through his post, he tells you how he does it, and crazy he doesn't have fibers on his glass. Guess he's doing something right then.
  6. It's probably actually your towel.

    When I'm feeling really OCD about my bong I use a hair drier. The water around here is pretty hard and the drier cuts down on streaking.

    I blow it down the tube and it dries out the inside, works great on my stemless.
  7. This. Get a new towel, i dry my tubes with a normal towel all the time, i had one that left fibers and just switched it out, not that hard. And he doesn't sound like a douche, Codycannabis put how to clean a bong, way off topic, it's not even in the title.
  8. just flip it upside down and let it air dry
  9. Do like the one guy said and do a final rinse with hot water.

    It'll evaporate quickly and you won't have to use a towel or paper towels or anything...
  10. I use a clean microfiber cloth, polishes the glass very well.
  11. what kind of towel are you using? I dont see how you could be having this problem unless your using some POS ragged towel of some sort. I use just a regular towel like you would use to dry your ass off after a shower lol and it works just fine. I swear people make cleaning glass come out harder then it really is.
  12. and this is a problem in your life-:confused:

  13. ehhhhh...:hide:

    thank you everyone for the feedback. im going to cop a microfiber cloth and use my moms hairdryer. happy toking and thanks again.
  14. Ur towels blow.

    Get some nice ones.
  15. Micro fiber my friend. Discover it and be amazed

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