tourettes syndrome??

Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. anybody in the city got Tourette's Syndrome???

    .. ido... its not the steroetypical shit you see in movies.... its fun... but also a hassle some times dunno jsut bored and posting.... :D.. peace...
  2. It must suck cause it caused my friend to fuck up in school. Hard to concentrate etc, right? He even twitches a tiny bit sometimes, and it makes him really quirky.
  3. your friend should smoke a bowl.... alwasys helps eme :)./.....
  4. Is that where you scream out cuss words without meaning it?
  5. yes me and my dad have it, its not that bad most days, but some days its awefull ... like I wont be able to get my contacts in :( POWER TO THE TERTS!
  6. tourettes is the outbursts of prfanity you see in movies. it sounds like you guys are talking about parkinsons disease. but dont take my word for it.

    oh yea, im dislexic
  7. Its not always yelling cuss words, though it can manifest that way in some people with extreme cases. usually it is just a tick, that can be physical like a twitch or weird movement, or it can be verbal like they might say something off the wall or just a sound... I dont have it, but Ive also heard it can be a mental twitch too, where they jump to a different train of thought, or forget whats going on... but it varies with the severity of the case. A dude on my High school soccer team had it and he would always make a sound that kinda sounded like my name, so I would always turn around and say "ya?"... kinda awkward sometimes :D

    again, I dont have it, these are things i heard, so Im not sure if they are 100% correct.


  8. Well we used to blaze together like cheech and chong and possibly then some(okay, maybe not the 'then some' part), but we don't chill anymore. It took more like 2-4 bowls to calm him down though, I think 1 bowl mighta made it worse at first.

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