tourettes syndrome anyone?

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  1. just wondering who else on this site has a case of tourettes.

    if u do, how bad do u have it? how much have the tics eased up over the years? what are/were some of ur tics? are u on medication for it?

    how much, if at all, would u say the herb helps ease ur tics?

    how old were u when u were diagnosed?

    what are some methods you've used to cope with ur tics?

    also, if anyone has any questions about it, ill be more than happy to answer to the best of my knowledge. i feel that there are a lot of misguided,preconceived notions about tourettes, largely due to how its portrayed in the media.
  2. This probably isn't much help but a close friend of mine has Tourettes and we chill and smoke all the time and from what he tells me and what i can see, the bud seems to calm him down a great deal.​
  3. i have tourettes and from what i can tell during times that im smoking, i can sort of stop my tourettes. its hard to explain, like its not like they are gone, but more like i am able tto just decide not to do them..
  4. I had a friend and his mom had them, their symptoms were mainly drag words along and randomly have to take breathes or make a "rrrrrrrrrrrrrr" noise. To cope with it i'd say take medicine if they give you any, and smoke a lot of weed to help you enjoy things more.
  5. ive had it since i was 5, so im used to it by now. i used to take medicine when i was younger, but my tics have gotten a lot better over the years, as they do with a lot of people, so i dont feel i need them right now. and weed does help me to some extent, but mostly when im high. just kinda mellows me out and in turn mellows out the tics.

    at this point all i do is blink a lot and sniffle like ive got a constant runny nose. i also do this kinda false step/shuffle step on my right foot every other step or so, kinda hard to explain. when i was younger tho they were pretty bad.

    id have to stop in the middle of the hallway at school, grab onto a ledge, and kick myself in the ass with both feet. and we all know how schmucky kids can be

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