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tour de france

Discussion in 'General' started by NaughtyDread, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. anyone watchin? i know its boring as shit if youre not into biking, but daym if they are not some of the best athletes in the world. can Lance Armstrong take the tour for a 6th time? whats your thoughts if you watch?
  2. lance will lose this one sadly. his time trials were quite sub par.
  3. he placed 2nd in the first time trial, which isnt bad, kept him upfront with the points. and his team won the team time trial the day before yesterday putting US Postal in first overall, but yesterdays stage, he gave up the yellow. i think its strategy, and i dont think he will loose. his biggest competetors are atleast 50 seconds behind him and he rocks in the mountain stages. you still think he will loose?
  4. i still think he will lose. a few months ago in personal time trials he ran almost his best and then the next time he was 28 seconds behind what he just was at
  5. Hey Misfit, whatcha got to say??? :D
  6. oooppss misfit wrong
  7. There's a lot of rumors going around that Armstrong is on the juice, and it makes a lot of sense if you really think about it. Remember it was only a few years ago where he was completely drained from cancer, and now he's one of the best athletes in the world again. Making a comeback from cancer isn't impossible, but it's near impossible to come back so quickly and be #1 again. Whether or not he uses steroids I don't like him anyway, he's a bit of an asshole who has been known to violently threaten those who stand in his way.
  8. lance will win it. and those french people who spit and throw shit at him are a bunch of cunts

  9. and thats what they just are, rumors...shit if you came to my country 6 times and won the most prestigous bike race in the world, id be pissed to probably the point of shooting off rumors. when he pisses positive, ill be against every single win he's had. he had teste cancer, pretty serious, but not enough to put you down, especially since if you have been competing in sports since a you were a kid. but, until that day they test him positive for doping (which will probably be never) you cant say he didnt kick major tour ass this year :)
  10. Lance is THE fucking man!
  11. Something interesting about Lance.

    He is an ex swimmer. Before contracting cancer he was rather large in the upper body stakes. He doesn't use his upper body to cycle so this is dead weight and slows him down. He contracts cancer and is put on the chemotherapy drug Cis Platin (I believe). He looses weight quickly. Being much thinner he re-gains some weight and starts cycling again.

    With less body weight he is lighter and faster. After cancer he is a much better cyclist (apparently... this is according to my old chem teacher having read his autobiography).
  12. Lance is my hero, ive watched four of his last eight tours and went to france the year of the look (2001) sadly i dont think he'll be back next year for the tour. He wants to be more like his mentor mercyx and race some more of the classics, like the le giro de' italia and tour de spain

    He is by far the most dominant sports figure ever and will forever be the most inspiration person i have ever seen

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