Toughts about these insecticides?

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  1. Hey so I been reading a lot around here about insecticides. Neem oil is mentioned a lot, but I also heard it can burn your leaves... I also heard about using a garlic mixture to spray on them. Not to sure about if it works, or if it would make my weed smell like it I don't know. Then I also heard about taking some cigarettes (unsmoked) and letting them soak in water overnight before taking it out and boiling, then spraying the mixture. Although I thought tobacco was bad for your plants, or the nicotine. One of the two. So I guess I am just questing the validity of these methods... Or if you know a really good cheap method or whatever.
  2. I've been on the same quest recently too. I did a bunch of research and came up with a few results.

    One was simply using 80 proof vodka. I had some on hand, and gave it a go on some buds that looked like they had spider mite webs. I don't really know what to say, but it didn't damage my buds at all, and I didn't see any new webs today.

    At petstores, they've got spray for your dogs that is an anti-tick/flea spray. It contains the same ingredient found in insecticides like 'Don't Bug Me' from Fox farms. It's pyrethrum that you are looking for. It needs to be diluted in half or something. If you look up the ingredients for the don't bug me stuff, compare the percentage to the tick spray. The tick spray is only around 10 bucks. Just make sure there aren't a bunch of weird chemicals going on.

    There is also a method of using wheat flower, buttermilk and water that vegetable gardeners swear by. A google search should result in some articles or forum posts. Seems kind of gross, but they say it works wonders. Not sure how well it work on marijuana, but I couldn't see a huge issue with it.
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    How's spraying plants with alcohol going? still alive?

    neem oil for foliage neem cake mixed in soil... insects ain't comin any wayhre near that grow

    free insecticices: nettles (pyrethrins), lavender, rosemary, any mint plant, neem, karanja, lemongrass, geranium, cardamom, hot pepper seeds, garlic.... and there are probably more. I blend the plant material up in the osterizer, let it sit over night in a cool dark place, sieve material out and mist vegetating plants. Works a charm.
  4. Try Insecticidal Soap. Its found at every store virtually and the nice thing is its 100% non toxic to you or the plant. Its Potassium of Fatty Acids. When spray on the insect it causes them to rapidly dry out and die.

    It also has a half life of 24 hours. Meaning in about 24 hours there will be no traces of it. You can spray it on flowering and fruiting plants up to the day of harvest.

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