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Tough to pick up prescription of Vicodin? Need help....

Discussion in 'General' started by dlink01, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. I recently finished off a few vicodins that I had left over from a previous surgury.

    I went over to my friends apartment today and found an empty bottle of vicodin that had another refil available per the bottle.

    I know for a fact he is not going to refill it so here is my question

    How hard is it to go get a bottle of vicodin refilled when it is not under your name? I know where the guy lives address wise.....do I need his actual ID to get it refilled?

    Also, one last thing, I am a bit paranoid...will me picking up the bottle leave a trail behind on his record...I dunno...just curious whether picking it up leaves something that would be traced back to me.
  2. you should be good to go. i worked in a phamacy for a couple weeks and i never checked ID and neither did anyone else but hey if its your buddy just have him fill the prescription and you pay the 15 copay or w/e that way you aint doin anything to trip on
  3. Get caught filling a schedule 3 narcotic & your ass just might end up in the slammer. Get your buddy to fill it. If not, I'd advise soap on a rope.
  4. Well when i cant get out to do it, i have my mom pick my vicodin up but i call the pharmacy and tell them shes picking it up and give her my id...
    Bro id say not to do it, its not worth it. if anything just call the doctor back that gave you your refill and tell him your still in pain, DONT come out and ask for pain pills just tell him your still in pain, ask him what to do, be legitimate about it and make him believe it. But as i say b4 easy with codiene its very addicting i get them for my jaw and when ever i run out i can refill it so its very very easy for me, i no im adicted to it but on the other side i need them. AND NEVER TAKE MORE THEN 10 A DAY AND DRINK AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! if u do take over 10 b4 u goto sleep (and u will) make sure u vomit!
  5. fool, didn't i tell you to be easy on pills the other day, look at you fiendin.
  6. Oh cmon hes not going to jail for attempting to fill someone elses prescription. At most theyll ask for an ID, just say you dont have it cause your liscense is suspended, at worst theyll tell you they cant fill the script. At my pharmacy you can call in and tell them you need a refill, if you can do this just have your friend call in then go pick up his script.

    Edit: Besides, you dont get ass raped in jail, you get ass raped in prison. Drunk drivers go to jail, murderers and rapists go to prison.

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