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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Jmantheman, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Ok so this totally sucks. My girlfriend wants me to quit smoking, she says she doesnt want me to quit for her, she wants me to quit for me blah blah blah. So anyway we've been together for about 2 years so i really dont want to end the relationship especially over something like bud. It sucks because she wont even hang out with us on my porch when we smoke, she'll kiss but not even make out or have sex while im high, shes very uncomfortable with it. I've tried to show her all of the truths and debunk the myths, she believes me and accepts that its not as bad as people say but she still wants me to quit, shes not the type to force anything but i can tell its important to her....i really dont want to quit but i might have to unless you folks have any other suggestions? :(
  2. first and foremost id say FUCK that shit if she cant accept you for you than honestly fuck that shit. but on the real side i would just say dont smoke around her if you want to stay with her.
  3. If she really means it when she says 'she wants you to quit for you', it must mean that she believes that smoking is having a detrimental effect upon your life. Maybe you should figure out exactly what she thinks the problem is so you can fix it while continuing to smoke.

    Re the sex thing....It's possible that from her perspective you're not the same quality of kisser and lover. Some guys get really sloppy when they are drunk or high. Also try cleaning up, my husband doesn't smoke and can't stand the smell of it so I always make sure to brush my teeth and wash my face and hands before I grope him hehe.

    If that just isn't gonna work for you, maybe try only smoking away from home with friends.

    Hope it works out for ya.
  4. Just dont smoke around her man.

    What she doesnt know wont hurt her, and in this case she doesnt seem majorly bothered; so even if she found out you'd been smoking on the sly its probs unlikely she'd flip out.

    I quit smoking for my girlfriend a while while back, lasted 4 months i think?
    Then in the end she said that i could smoke whatever i wanted, but was really touched that i quit because it made her uncomfortable.

    Maybe that'll happen for you.

    Edit : I mean i quit smoking for 4 months, not our relationship. :p
  5. Wow these are really good points guys. Maybe ill just quit for a while so she'll see that i care about her more than bud and maybe she'll be ok with me smoking after that. I can only hope:eek:
  6. Just wondering, how did this just come up if you guys have been dating for two years? Has she always been bothered by it?

  7. Yeah she's always been against doing it herself but didnt care if i did, its only recent that shes been trying to get me to quit.

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