tough economic times. police?

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  1. Are some of them going to get laid off? that'd be cool. It'd be great to have less of them buzzing around if I grow outdoors.

    less forest rangers too?

    ....didn't know where to put this.
  2. Inverse is typical. Sorry.
  3. The police are an instrument of violent class dictatorship. As the economy gets worse, the police will only become increasingly more suppressive.
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    you're breakin' my heart, guys.:(

    edit:....I can see there being no police cut-backs. but forest service is a different story, I bet. (I'll most likely be growing where there's more of them than cops. Cops just scare the fuck out of me when I make it back to the city and am trying to get my plants back home. I bet there'll be a puddle of sweat in the driver's seat by the time I get home.)
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    Like superman right?
  6. If only we could be like truly lawless lands like Somalia, and Tribal Pakistan.
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    feels like we're getting off topic...I guess I'll contribute to the off-topicness.

    you're implying that those regions are crappy cuz they're lawless(you're being sarcastic?). Well, I think cities like mine need less cops buzzing around with nothing to do but profile people.
  8. Sounds to me like you're just in favor of restructuring how criminal justice dollars are spent. Am I wrong?

    I mean, I can totally agree with you there.
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    ^yes! the criminal justice system dept along with the us military. not exactly referring to the war in iraq. before that, we had been spending way too many tax dollars on building our military and making it the best in the world.:rolleyes: what a waste of tax dollars. I can't remember what portion of our tax dollars go to our military, but it makes me want to vomit.
  10. He isn't advocating a lawless society he is advocating a classless society.
  11. Crime does not exist in a classless society? You didn't say that directly, but I can't see how you can come to your conclusion without that premise.
  12. Ideally you would have a trained public defense force.
  13. Where is the dichotomy?

    I get your disapproval of the process, but I'm talking institution here.
  14. why whould anyone want less cops?Sure they bust us for the herb, but we need them! you might be surprised about what im going to say so get ready! There not all dicks! ya its true some of them are actually nice guys. In my town its not strange for a cop to pull you over find weed and just let you go on your way.

    I agree that alot of them are pricks that enjoy making are life hell but NOT all. Police keep us safe if there where none then it whould be a bad world to live in. imgaine if everyone did what ever they felt like! dont like some one? just shoot them in the head! want that new flat screen tv but your broke? Get a crowbar and just grab it and if anyone trys to stop you then use it!

    Money whould be useless with out them beacuse no one whould use it! Murders whould go up alot! this world whould fall apart. You have to rember not all of them want to bust you for weed its there job. in fact i think if you asked most cops what they think about mj theyd say it should be legal so they whouldnt have to waste there time aressting people for some thing so harmless!
  15. ^well, at least we'd have some population control.
  16. Oh yes, we need the police! Look at what we'd be doing to ourselves, we'd be killing ourselves! We're animals, little children that can't be left alone!

  17. prove it.
  18. Crimes are a result of economic inequality, apart from those that are psychologically disturbed.

    In a classless society, there is no economic inequality, because everyone will have democratic control over their own communities and lives.

    Today's police are not primarily meant to protect the people, but rather to suppress attempts by the workers to overthrow the ruling class.
  19. While I would love for that to be the case, that is just not true. People are content with the suppressive society, at least for a long time. It took hundreds of years to stop using feudalism and so on it will take with capitalism. You will most likely never see capitalism overthrown in your lifetime so it is useless to keep up this charade. The society that sucedes capitalism may not even be communism or socialism, because they haven't been very efficient at spreading the capital in other societies and more often than not have lead to poverty.
  20. Well you're ruling out a lot of crime right there. It may be convenient for your position, but it disregards reality.

    Is there a real life example of this? Or is it just conjecture?

    I see crime, sociologically, arising from the special privilege afforded in basic social systems. The idea that conventions of conduct are inherently set up in a way that there is incentive for an individual to subvert those conventions (committing theft, cons, exploitation etc.) and that is regardless of class or equality.

    What is boils down to, is that people like possessions, even a Marxist economy system is based upon the Malthusian notion that desire for consumption, will always eventually and inevitably exceed what can be provided. It is the essence of expansion, both in an economic and ecological sense. This isn't something that can be thwarted by utiltarianism, which has been discovered with quite a bit of clarity in the last century.

    This is something we see in even the most isolated documented human cultures, nay examples of in the animal kingdom.

    I think it's a valid idea that class systems and social hierarchy contribute to and perpetuate crime, absolutely. It is the idea that it is solely responsible for it, which I disagree with.

    Oh come on, have you not read any Guevara?

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