Tough Decision. Input wanted.

Discussion in 'General' started by Sweetleaftoker, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hello there. Well, i am a Senior in HS and im thinkin bout goin to college. I dont know if I want to go this fall though. Its gonna cost alotta money and it'll be financial aid as i have no scholarships (pretty poor grades) and i hate school with a passion. Im still with the "rents" and have a job and a car that i still owe $2K on. I borrowed $2K from a family member and havent been able to pay it off at all due to some shitty stuff/circumstances that have been happening over the past year. And it sucks and i feel really bad about it. But, i was thinking about just working and chillin and savin money. College would just put me in bigger debt. So what do you think? :smoke:
  2. Do what you think is best. College is NEVER a bad choice, trust me, though I personally haven't had to use financial aid, my sister has as I'm going to community now so it's uber cheap, and she went to a Uni. Well, now that's she has just graduated, paying her tuition debt is nothing for her. Not to say it works out for everyone, but if you have the self-discipline to get yourself through college do it.

    Maybe not now, so if that's case, make sure you work man. And I'm being 100% dead fucking serious. If you sit out and don't go to school, and DON'T WORK, well you're just being a waste and doing nothing for yourself. But you seem to be one that already knows that doing something is important, especially for your debt situation right now. Best of luck to you, just make sure you look at the end results of your possible decisions.
  3. If you actually had to think about this question...good luck at college.

    But really, go to college dude youl make it up in the long run.
  4. Its a hard decision and in the end up to you. College is slowly becoming a necesity for this day and age, but also growing more and more expensive! rIdiculous! How about you look into a comm. college and slowly ease your way into school while finding a job at the same time? I bet the family member would understand if you try to better yourself through education! GOod luck and just try to be positive! :)

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