Totara's LSD ScrOG coco grow.

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    Hello, I've been floating around GC for a year now under another alais. This time, ready for a fresh start, new grow and some better improvements over previous grow.

    To give you an idea of previous grow. I grew in a tent space of 4m2 (1.4x2.8m), with 10 mildly trained plants in 20l coco/perlite mix, 4 weeks vege time & around 9 weeks flowering. I yeilded around 0.76g/watt of varying quality and two different phenotypes. I did run into issues, such as high summer temps, calcium def, salt buildup and maybe even PH issues. I did ok for a first grow, thanks to the info of this site! But I feel potency was lacking a bit, compared to the stated 24% thc content on paper.

    Goal for this grow is emphasis on quality/potency of bud while at least maintaing the yeild, if not then improving it.

    Details of grow as follows:

    - ScrOG setup running 8 plants into 20L coco/perlite mix.
    - Grow tent, 1.4mx2.8m (4 sq/m or 43 sq/ft)
    - 2 x 600w digital MH for veg, HPS for flower
    - 1 x 1000w digital for flower.
    - Hanna Combo ph/ec/temp probe (i call this my "confidence stick")
    - Barneys Farm LSD cloned from one favoured pheno type. (sativa pheno)
    - Canna coco nutes for veg/pre flower
    - House and Garden coco nutes post flower
    - H&G root excelerator
    - Home made cal/mag suppliment (calcium nitrate/ magnesium sulphate)

    Currently i have 8 LSD clones in 0.75l pots around 2 months old waiting for the all go. So the big start is near, maybe this week!

    Pics will be up soon. :) Wish me luck.
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    I managed to capture some pics from last time as an example of what I will be expecting.

    2-3 weeks from 12/12 switch. As you can see I just let em grow wild with little training and no trimming, but I manged to retain some kind of canopy. It's like a messy sea of green, lol. :)

    This is the LSD pheno from which I am running with this time around. She's a very solid producer even at only around 1 week from first sign of hairs.

    The top pic illustrates why i decided to go the whole hog and run a screen on top, best way to make most efficent use of my limited grow space and bushy strain. Besides increased yeild from even canopy, I'm actually more interested in the screen creating evenly sized buds, while trying to avoid any over sized stalkly buds or little popcorn ones that are a pain in the bum to trim.
  3. Beautiful Pics. Sorry to hear what you went through and are still going through as result of the earthquakes and aftershocks.
    beautiful pictures and welcome to GrassCity!:wave:
    Can't wait to see more~!:D
  4. ^ Hey thanks! We all pretty relaxed here anyway (thankgod for bud), everyones use to mothernature by now. :) Plus we can all accept that if it wasn't for earthquakes, there would not be such magical moutnains in our backyard. The spirit of the land is strong where i live, I'm actually ontop of a extinct volcanoe lol, so the ground ain't going anywhere. :)
  5. I live in the Hawaiian Islands so I completely understand about earthquakes. The ground here is constantly moving. I would guess it is the same there seeing as you guys are also an Island? One of the islands here gets quakes on a pretty close to daily basis. It is pretty rare that we feel them though cause of all the movement created by the powerful waves and natural swaying of the islands. :confused:
  6. I'll have a seat if you don't mind. :D ...also I'll hang my "No Earthquake Zone" sign on the wall. :smoke:
  7. No earthquake sign. LMAO. Think it will stop you from catching :ey: our earthquake vibes:poke:
    Thank goodness most of the ones here are not on my island and thus far they are always damage free.:)

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    Lol, welcome. :) i was lucky when the big one hit that the power where i lived only cut out for 12 or so hours.

    Some people in town wernt so lucky, like this poor grower! (I never heard, but we are almost a police state in this country, so i fear the worse, as if he deserved enough having his house wrecked)

    Anyhow, a few more pics I managed to find in old threads on here with my previous grow:-

    This is from the other oddball pheno type that i could never figure out what it was doing. Seem to mature long before it was quoted too on paper and it seem to be rather sensitive to stress in many ways. Interesting how one pheno type can ruin the reputation of a given strain. No complaints about bud production though. :)

    This is at flowering day 26

    Same odd LSD pheno type again, I managed to capture on cam because it had some lockout/nute def going on that I didnt understand, but i suspected to be calcium def.
  9. Yeah, totally uncool for that guy. Someone would be walking by and, "...Um honey, it seems raining pot plants..."
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    Right now for the fun stuff, first offical pics of my new grow. Here is a little tour of my Nursery.

    Well here are the 8, two month old queens waiting to be placed on the throne to work their magic. Yes, they have already outgrown their space and the leaves are growing a little wonky, but no worries they will soon beable to stretch their wings. :)

    Here is my largest baby in her very outgrown crib. Only a 0.75L coco pot, but she's still growing like mad under two 23watt 6500k CFL and feeding her on Canna coco nutes, which I believe has a NPK well suited for veging in coco. Later on I will switch to H&G's coco nutes which is higher in K and lower in N, more typical of a flower nute.

    Say hello to "Mum". My almost one year old prefered LSD pheno gal from seed. Shes more sativa looking than her other sister pheno. The sister is more the short, stumpy, thick steam, indica features. Unfortunately, she didnt cope with stress to well and circum to a fateful death by a serious case of steam rot in main trunk at around 7months of age.

    Anyhow the healthy mum in the photo was also next to my deceased sick mum, yet did not suffer any issues with mould at all. I feel shes closer to the more true stronger pheno of the claimed LSD traits on paper. Though she hasn't been easy to keep healthy for a whole year! I did have some issues a few months ago with the original old soil going sour, constant acid ph spikes, etc. Until i applied dolomite lime, which buffered my ph back to high 6's and gave her a nice dose of cal/mag. Also she did have a repot, root prune and a serious trim on top. The folage you can see has only grown in past 2 months or so.

    Here is my second quick attempt at making a bubble cloner, it cost me...... Well nothing, just bits I had lieing around. :)
  11. Hi...:wave:

    I'm gonna follow along too...if ya don't mind...:)

    You're in trouble've got a fool in the room...:p

    I'm gonna hang out with MM...he and his sign'll keep me safe...;):cool:
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    ^ Kia Ora, kei te pēhea koe? ("Hello, how are you" in our native Maori language)

    Welcome! There is plenty of room for a wise fool in this camp....... :) I hope this grow will be a little entertaining, you might need to bare with me and restock on some popcorn, because it will take a wee while before things really get interesting!

    As a side note, please excuse my english, it can be a bit funky at the best of times. We speak lazy english here, txt english, what have you. Sometimes we just grunt, hardly make out words at all, just kidding. ;)

    Everyone, feel free to ask questions. Thanks for tuning in!
  13. Ok heres an update.

    Currently I'm in the process of making a sound proof box that is made of 50mm freezer panel (dence polystyrene sandwitched between two sheets of metal). This will house the fan, carbon filter and a bit of ducting in the hope to fully shutup the noisy fan I have. With 2400w in such a small space I need to have it cranking, plus also I will be adding a bathroom fan to aid with airflow into the tent running on a thermostat, so it switches of during night hours or cold air temps.

    Anyhow, I know all you guys love pics, so here is some bud porn from previous grow to show what LSD grows like under intense lighting conditions & coco.

    This is the pheno I'm running with.

    This is the other more indica LSD pheno
  14. Sub'd. Looking good man
  15. Will be lurking as I have 2 LSD in veg for my next run.

    I never managed to pin down the taste last time around and went from loving it to loathing it over a period of months. All mine were indica pheno but branched like crazy! Hows the Sat pheno as despite being a nice smoke with the oddest taste mine were not what it says on the tin!! :smoke: More of a sit down and grind your teeth :D
  16. Subb'd That indica pheno looks so freakin yummy. I have 1 in flowering right now, hopefully it turns out like that, but im expecting some color tints with mine being it gets down to around 68 degrees at night. Ive seen a pheno (not sure which 1) that when its grown in cooler temps and temps at around 66-68 degrees at night the bud has a very rich looking bluish tint to it. Anywho, awesome grow!
  17. ^ Thanks and welcome DigitalQuixote, unclegid & dockennyg. :wave:

    Yes the indica pheno is lovely too, even 6 months later the cured bud is just beautiful! I'm not so interested in flavour but more interested in potency and yeild, which i feel the sativa pheno is a stronger producer all around. (I guess due to longer flowering time.)
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    Right, FINALLY I've started! After alot of drawbacks and delays I'm finally in the clear and have worked hard in the past week to get my setup just how I want it......

    My 8 babies below as you will see ain't even babies no more, they are now around 2-3months old already and have been vegging under two 24w 6500k CFL's.

    So here we go, let the magical journey to begin. :smoke:

    VEG - Day 1 Total - Day 1

    Lights- 2 x 600w Metal Halide
    Canna coco A+B @ <500ppm (1.5ml A + 1.5ml B per litre)
    PH - 5.7-5.9
    H&G root stim - 3.0ml per10litres

    Root bound you say?

    But check out the awesome growth on top just out of a little 0.75 litre (0.2gallon) pot. Big ups for coco. :p

    Here they are in their 20l pots. I'm runing 50/50 coco/perlite mix for the bottom 1/3 of the each pot to increase drainage & flushing, this will I hope help to prevent nute buildup. Then for rest of the upper 2/3rd's of each pot I'm running 80/20 coco/perlite, I believe keeping the coco rich in most of the pot allows for coco to work its magic with nutrient uptake & moisture retention.

    Here is my sound proof box made of 2inch thick freezer panel to house the fan/filter/ducting to keep it nice & quiet.

    As you can see I'm running 4inch ducting from outlet of fan to aid in airflow and also stuffed in some blankets to dampen sound further. The fan I'm using has a temp control which clicks on to full speed when the temp rises above a set point. The box in the rear is plumbed into inlet of fan, this houses the carbon filter because an additional box was required to further muffle the very noisy induction of the fan.

    The lumateks ballasts.

    Since i don't trust these cheap chinese timmers (as I'm told they can catch fire by a wise electrican.) I decided to go with a decent commerical 230v 16Amp digital timer with some fresh grunty wiring all the way to the fused switch board.

    So here it is my LSD girls in their new ScrOG tent, happy az bro. :D
  19. Nice pics. looks like you are back up and running!:D
  20. ^ Yep, thanks.

    Saftey is number one in this situation so I've had to be extra patient in finding the best window of opportunity, no room for greed. I hope I have cut at least a week off overall veg time, though I suspect it will still take 3+ weeks to mostly fill the screen. They have big shoes to fill and in my last grow even with 4 weeks of veg the root system did not fully grow into the whole pot. Be interesting to see what results I get from House&Gardens root product.

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