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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jonleviathan, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. Hi guys, im intrested in growing some weed somehow... I understand about germinating and all that stuff but I need some more detailed information can anyone walk me thru with what i'll be needing... so far i got plant fertilizer 15-15-18, I got a closet to grow it in its pretty wide... and im looking into getting a 400w hps light for my plant ! What else will I be needing and what will I grow it in ??
  2. try gettin a like...10-10-10 fertilizer for after the first 2 weeks.
    also growin in a closet is good, just make sure you haev ventilation.
  3. Well what if I dont get that fertilizer ..... i want to save as much money as possible and im not in any kind of rush will the 15-15-18 do ? What if I dont use fertilizer ?

    What do you mean by good ventilation ?? its in a closet and its sorta see thru so air will be getting in
  4. I would suggest some fans for ventalition, but if ur low on money, just blow the door around alot or somthin..

    I guess that fertalizer would work, just dilute it lil more than normal.
    n no fertilizer isnt a neccesity, but it works
  5. Cool I'm really low on cash ... I gotta get some seeds or some clones somehow...... i never done this before just done abit of reading of certain sites and got enuf info to do this .... I got a cheap little fan the ones that run on batteries! Will that work for ventilation ??

    Also I got this light ... I found in my dads garage it says 130w and its hrs on it, would that work ? I jsut wanna grow one plant to start off !
  6. yea the fan would help. not tons but it'd make a lil difference, try to keep the temperature around 70f.

    depends what kind of light it is. A regular lamp wont work. If its HID, which is HPS, MHS, or atleast fluros, it'd work great. If not, dont use it, just wastes money and makes ur grow room alot hotter. If your not sure, post a pic of it or ask your dad what kind it is.
  7. ah also on the seeds, just for 1 plant buy a gram of middies if you smoke, and take a seed out of there n plant it. Also germinate the seed first. Check my post called germination 420 in general growing if your not sure how to germinate. Its there, just scroll down some or go to page2.
  8. I got no clue what it is .... I just read it and it says 75w and 130v ..... but would it work to grow a small little plant ??? Or would i need a 400w hps lite ? what other material is needed ? and will it smell bad ? Cuz my parents might get suspicious
  9. I dont smoke it but .. My friends do mayb I can ask them to get me a seed from there weed ..... what are middies anyway ?
  10. middies= mid grade weed; well if it has a ton of seeds its probaby swag which is low end and if it has not white sqaushed seeds nce fatty brownish gray ones and like maybe 6-8 in a quarter its prolly mid grade weed
    good luck and cya laters hoko
  11. It would probably smell yea, but not too horribly, just get that lil fan to vent it around
    You only need like a 100 watt HPS for 1 plant.
    yep, middies are just middle grade weed, good for a first-timer.
  12. other materials =

    somthin to water them with.
    somthin to plant it in
    somthin to transplant it to once the roots come out the bottom
    bout it
  13. Oh I see ... So then ill plant some weed and if it dont grow then I guess those arent middies lol First ill germinate great guide on how to do it!!

    I can start off with little cups with holes in em then ill put it in a bucket as it grows!

    Ill water it with uh a cup :p and ill keep that fan running on it !!

    Also how can I tell if the lite is hps ? I got this lite in my lava lamp think thatl work ? that gives off a sheet load of heat!
  14. heat isnt the key...its lumens. too much heat is actually bad.

    Lamp Type Watts Lumens per bulb Total efficiency

    Fluorescent Bulb 40 3000 400 watts = 30k lumens

    Mercury Vapour 175 8000 400 watts = 20k lumens

    Metal Halide 400 36000 400 watts = 36k lumens

    High P. Sodium 400 45000 400 watts = 45k lumens

    If its HPS, it will have a ballest n stuff. Search on google or somthin for HPS lights, n ur bound to find a picture.
  15. Whats a ballast ?? The thing to plug the bulb into ??

    Im gonna go to a store tommorow and gonna look for some hps lights i dotn got over 50$ to spend so... ill see what I can do....
  16. yepyep..
  17. Hmm hps lights seem to be the expensive ones.... I was wondering could I grow with fluros ? just a few plants with a fluro light would it work ? explain how i would have to do it with fluros!
  18. yea I'd say get 2 fluoros though, makes it a lil more worth-while for a few plants.
    Just use em as if they were HPS, but put them like 2 inches away from ur plant at all times.
  19. I can get 2-4 1 foot long fluros ... how many watts do they have to be ?? I can get 4 15wat fluoros ?? But I can get higher .... how many watts to grow 2 plants ?

    Another thing... When do I start fertilizing ?
  20. It'd be best to get a few 40 watt fluros, 15 watts isnt really that much.

    and ya begin fertilizing after about 2 weeks

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