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  1. I have never grown and have reasearched it, but if someone has the time could they let me know the vitals on getting a seed into a fully grown plant. I understand that there are a lot of different ways of getting your plant perfect but if someone could let me know what the vitals are so that I can simply try and get a single plant going before i move on to more complex things.
    Would be greatly appreciated
  2. You probably haven't researched enough mate. You should watch a grow movie like jorge cervantes ultimate grow or read some guides. I'm sure no one is going to spend time writing something you could just google.

    Good luck
  3. I have googled it, and evertime it comes up with the few million things you have to do to the plant when growing it like the PH, circulation, light, soil, watering, pot size but what i want to know is the beer essentials to get a plant, not necessarily of high quality, but just get one to grow without dying, i just have a lot of seeds from a bad buy i got lying around and dont particulary want to chuck them, yet dont particulary want to go out and spend 200quid to grow some plants
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    Well compact florescent lights are cheap, home made nutrients or cheaper ones, and if you do and make everything yourself you can save a fortune. As far as information goes, this site is a great resource and I'm a noobie as well but I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Just message or find me on here. I'm on almost daily
  5. So you can't piece together the information you gathered? Or what? I'm not trying to be a dick or anything but plenty other people have managed to read stickies, guides and watch movies. Including myself.
    I'm just saying don't expect anyone to take the time to write an extensive markup of seed to harvest.

    And if infact have researched I'm sure the vitals didn't slip past you.
  6. Its also a learning experience and a lot of it is trial and error. Just start growing. If you mess up, try again. Just start and you'll learn as you go. Most people on here are happy to help, including me, and everyone just likes to grow and share their tips and help. Just post questions you come across
  7. Yes the stickys are of great value. I mean just go ahead and start germinating and go from there as you go read on ward in the plants life vegitation, flowering, etc, and read up on plant traing topping lst etc. Hope i gave solid advice sometimes u just have to give it a shot bro learning as you go. :p

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