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Totally New to This

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Stitches, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Alright, I just turned 18 and for my birthday I decided to buy weed from a friend that had advertised to me prior. Well, he offered to give it to me for free, and I really don't know anything about the stuff except what my family and friends have told me. I know how to smoke out of a piece, but I don't have one. I don't want to use my friend's piece because he's not... the cleanest of people (Just leave it at that haha), and I don't know anyone with blunt wraps or anything.

    My question is, and sorry for this being my first post and all, how can I smoke weed without a piece or blunt wraps? I've heard something about making something out of an apple, or just making your own, but I've also heard that those mechanisms can cause brain damage...

    Very, very excited for my first hit :D
  2. Well, sounds like your in need of a gravity bong, Youtube it. And you will cough.
  3. Hotknife

    Look it up
  4. Hah! Brain damage.

    Go buy some papers with the money you saved from pickin' up for free...Problem solved.:cool:
  5. Your 18 get your god damn own papers at 7-11 nearest your house.
  6. If getting papers is an option definitely get some zig-zags. You can also make a homemade/ghetto bong (that's how i started).

    In general youtube is your friend man. Look up "How to make a water bottle bong" if you don't have all the pieces, get creative :).

    But most important is have fun coughing :D
  7. Another vote for papers. Then go you-tube how to "roll a joint"
  8. ask your friend if he could be kind enough to roll you a couple of joints. problem solved.
  9. 1.) go to local headshop

    2.) buy glass pipe

    3.) ????

    4.) profit
  10. get a toilet roll and poke a cuple holes thru and blok one end, best most effective wy to get rippped! lol dont do that. Try making home made bong it wont give you brain damage or a bucket/gravity bong or papers!
  11. Well since you are 18 just look for a head shop and get a glass piece OR go to the gas station and get some papers. ORRRRRRR ask your friend to hook you up with a glass piece or something if you don't know where to get one? It isn't too hard to find the tools needed to smoke!

    If you really are desperate then you could go with an apple although it kinda sucks compared to a legit piece. Just youtube it man you will find some cool shit there just use common sense and if it looks harmful to your health then DON'T do it.
  12. Use an apple bowl, its safe.
    Also keep us updated on your first time being high!
  13. my guess is ur not 18 or u cld easily go buy a blunt or papers lol

  14. LMAO..forgot to add you will choke, eyes will water, lungs will be screaming!, and I PROMISE you it'll be the best night of your life
  15. Haha thanks for all the help, and FYI to that guy that thinks I'm under 18 because I "can't" buy paper, I don't want to use a shitload of weed my first time, and I want to do it alone my first time so I know I like the weed, not hanging around stoned friends haha.
  16. The guy is new, i don't think he'd be too great at rolling a joint you think? Idk though

    If you take an apple, and just poke a hole in the top, and the side, make sure they connect you know, and maybe stick a straw in the side hole, you can smoke that way.

    Or, this is gonna suck but it'll work. Just take some tin foil and make a pipe shape out of it! It's HORRIBLE to do all the time, but since you're doing it just once, wouldn't hurt.
  17. Until he says hes not 18, age police need to shut the hell up. He asked how he can smoke without a bowl/papers and its not anyones place to call him out. Yes, you can make an apple bowl, and its way easier than anyone would think, take a pen, stick in in the top, then connect that hole from the side with another hole, pack bowl, smoke, get high.

  18. Never done this but I hear you get a nice apple taste to the smoke too, an apple bowl would be a great option for a first timer.
  19. ive done the apple 100's of times. you can get really fancy with carbs and stuff if you know what to do

  20. If you are good enough you could make an apple bubbler, just hollow out the inside and get a pen as the downstem. Fill that fucker up with apple juice!

    (I really want someone to do this and tell me how it worked out. I just thought of that idea.)

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