Totally new to outdoor growing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by XZit, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Ok I'm totally new to out door growing and I would like to know how to start.

    First of all let me get some things straight to help you in helping me.
    1.) I live with my parents so indoor growing is out of the question
    2.) I have a park in my back yard--like a forest park--not a playground park e.t.c. so the ground is bushy and perfect for conceling--it also has naturally rich soil
    3.) I live in the NW (WA State to be exact)

    ok so now that those are out of the way first I pose my first question to you.
    How many seeds Will I need? Can I get a pot plant out of 1 seed? (in other words whats the probability that 1 seed will grow?)

    Ok next question. Idealy I would like to just plant the seed(s) in the ground in the park--and just let them grow as they will without to much effort on my part?

    Anyhow basically the main question I ask is how do I grow about growing pot in my back yard park? Remember that the park is basically a natural forest, and I live in the NW.


    EDIT: quick question for yall. When the seed starts to grow how can I tell if its a male or female plant?
  2. Okay lets break it down..

    If your going to just plop them into the ground, no extra help, i'd plant atleast 10 if you want 2-3 plants.

    BE FKING CAREFUL!! Few safety tips. Put tape on the bottoms of your shoes to conceal footprints, and if your extra worried about getting caught wear a different shoe size than fits your own foot. Other things such as dont be seen and conceal your grow are common sense.

    Okay male-female, theres some diagrams around do a search for em, but basics, males have little balls on them, while the females grow small hairs called pistils. You'll find out the sex dfuring flowering.

    any more q's ask, good luck!
  3. lol oh man I'll have to take a photo of the park I'm talking about. I can see right into the fucking park from my back porch. Its a 9acre park--
    Its basically like a NW rainforest. You know its not like a park with playgrounds and kids or anything. This is the kinda park I can paintball in (which I do) without getting caught. Cops NEVER patrol the area I'm talking about--becuase the area I'm talking about is actually my property. Our house property goes about 300 feet or so into the forest (park) so I'll be planting there. I'll probally do a pretty random growth--

    you know I'll just plat them scatard...but not to close. becuase then it will look If I do random planting I'll probally plant like a couple seeds or so close to eachother--and then space the rest of the plants about 5-8 or so feet apart. So if someone does see anything--they will only see what will look like more "ferns".
    I'm going to have to mark my positions though. Like a map--becuase I know I'll loose track of where I planted them...
    and if worse comes to worse and parents or a neibor does see--I'll just blame it one the stupid kids that live on my block--

    But ya footprints? No worry. Foot prints simply don't show up.

    I'm feeling pretty confident about this. I'm just going to need a lot of seeds--I'm pretty worry free about this situation.
    I need about 10-30 seeds, then plant them, and just let them grow and do their thing.
    I'll water them about once or twice a week. But living in the NW I doubt I'll need to even water them. So I'll just simply check the plants once or twice a week.

    I've been doing reading--I've checked out the guide on this website (seperte link) on how to grow the stuff.

    ya I was basically just wondering if anyone has planted in an enviroment like this?
    Spring/summer is rolling around pretty soon--and the harsh winter in the NW has gone away (snow/frost e.t.c.) so thats no worry.
    So the climate should be ok.

    Are weed seeds able to stand a little bit of rain? It hasnt been really rainy lately--and if it does rain its usually a pretty luke warm rain, not like freezing or anything.

  4. HIGH All *LOL* sounds like you have everything down pat...never done this before eh!! For someone to talk like this I'm sure gardening is in your forte'

    Please keep us informed...
  5. ya I mean its obvious how to grow the shit and what to do e.t.c.

    But I geuss my mind is telling me---weeds a "special plant" and must be growen in a "special way"

    well I know thats not true--becuause weed is just a normal plant. Its a bush--just like any other plant if put in the specific plants requirments for conditions it can grow anywhere--

    So I guess I just need to get out of my mind menatlity thinking that all becuase weed can get you high that it has to be growen in a special way. I just need to remember that weed is afterall just a plant.


  6. HIGH All, yes just a plant!!!! Which like any other plant All it wants is love.

  7. exactlly!!

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