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Totally Messed Up High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camelelf, May 21, 2013.

  1. I've had quite a few problems recently but this was crazy. I went for a walk and smoked a J before heading back home, all was good and I finally got my first high... I realized a while later that I've locked myself out of my house and turned weird then.
    It turned scary and crazy when I HEARD a plan and then it got closer and closer and was the loudest thing I've ever heard, I passed it off as just a jet or something until It kept happening, as if it was circling.
    This carried on for about 40 mins with me standing still hoping for it to stop. I heard the noise probably 20+ times with a couple that sounded so loud my ears actually ached in pain.
    Obviously it wasn't an actual plane as no plane can be that loud unless it's 100m above ground but I'm pretty sure weed can't make you hear things/hallucinate?

  2. Probably wasn't weed mang.
  3. I wish it wasn't! 
    I just can't understand where these noises came, I checked around on FaceBook to see if anyone else in the area heard anything but nothing. It's still quite frightening hours later to be honest...
  4. Weed cannot produce true auditory hallucinations, but being high can make you misinterpret a sound, if that makes sense. Like I remember one of the first times I got high with this chick who was insanely in love with me but who I didn't really like that (I just wanted her weed lol). I invited her over to my house and we got high, and we were playing Mario Kart, and I kept hearing noises from the game as like coming from upstairs, and it kinda confused the hell out of me. And once or twice I thought I heard the front door open but my parents were gone for the weekend. It was probably just paranoia. That coupled with the fact that this ugly ass chick kept trying to cuddle up against me and shit, and then I pretty much told her she had to go home because my parents were coming home, and asked if she could leave some weed with me and she did. And then at the front door she stopped and looked up like she wanted a kiss and I gave her a quick hug, closed the door, and went to go watch South Park.
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  5. props brotha... Never put the pussy on the pedestal..
  6. haha! I did hear noises like you did, car door and weirdly a few cow noises as if a cow was next to me, but the plane noises don't add up,  it was too real and powerful for me to just misinterpret. It was crazy how real it was, I was on the phone to someone when one of these noises happened and it stopped me from hearing the person. It was like a bomber plane 200m wide that was flying just above the clouds. 
  7. You did way to much
    one joint to yourself? a beginner should be doing one or two small hits 
  8. #8 camelelf, May 21, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2013
    Well, a small joint, about 0.5g but I had 3 or 4 hits. I'm thinking that it may be more suitable for me to wait until I see a friend, and smoke with other people around me so i have no paranoia or anxiety?
  9. Next time smoke two and you shouldn't hear anything. ;)
  10. Smoke when you can be at complete peace. For your first few times, you need to enjoy the buzz as much as possible. Not have auditory hallucinations that may have just been a heat pump.

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