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  1. Ok, so other newbie here just growing for personal use and enjoyment of growing new things. My month old plants are having some weird problems. I've tried looking up answers but I haven't found anything specific.
    Dirt is 30-10-10 with pH of 6.9
    Water is 6.0ph, (Zero water purifier)
    Plants are left outside all day
    I was told the draining green color could be a N deficiency so I bought FloraMicro Hardwater 5-0-1 and added 1/2 tsp to 1/2 gal. (Instructions say 1tsp per gal). I've watered them twice in one week with this stuff. It just rained ystrdy.
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    The plants are outside all day in the sun. No artificial lights
  3. I think 6 pH is too low for soil. You could be locking out some nutes. Have you checked the runoff pH?

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  4. I would aim for 6.2 6.3 ph
  5. "Marijuana plants thrive in soil with a pH between about 5.5 and 6.5 but struggle when growing in soils outside of that pH range". - I got this info off an MJ website.
    The dirt tester I have says to make the dirt muddy with the water I use, then stick the tester in all the way(about 5in). I tested it in a cup, then ystrdy when it rained and got the same result. Dirt/water combo of 6.9
    So if it is a nutrient lockout, should I add a more acidic supplement to the dirt to bring it into range? The water filter that I use is "the best" according to studies I've read.
  6. I grow in 6.0 just fine... hasnt hurt my plants any. I've never once heard 6.0 is to low for soil o_O I have heard however that In flower it's best to raise it to 6.3.

    Grow journal
  7. lol sorry someone told me this on one of my threads [​IMG]

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  8. looks like the soil is too hot meaning to many nutrients or that you have a CAL MAG deficiency Nitrogen looks good as new growth looks green it to the older growth that looks yellow almost always Magnesium.
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  9. I've seen gfp recommend 6.5 to 7.2 a lot. He told me it's the revised figures. I've scoured the internet but can't find any other reference to this. Literally everywhere recommends 6-7. Here's from gwe


    I've also bought the cheap ph kit. I've had a few semlos ph pens but they just go out to quick without realising. Lots of members here recommend the cheap drop kits, no school like the old school.
    Good luck
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  10. Interesting. A lot of good advice everyone. I will repot a couple with the coco stuff and try the cal mag def with another plant.
    I also have two more babies coming along so I wana get things right. I've heard that Miracle Grow is not a good that true?

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