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    Does root damage during transplant can cause some problems afterwards ? I think i did a lot of pain em and break many root pedicels
  2. it stresses them out.but should be fine in a few days just keep an eye on them.
  3. Plants are strong they can survive it.
  4. Hey kBS,

    My first transplant very horribly. I ripped roots out, my soil came unpacked, and overall it was a very rough transplant.

    For a couple of day I saw no real growth, it kinda just sat there doing nothing. although it wasnt really doing nothing, all the action was underground.

    I really did some hardcoe damage to my plant, but after a few days at a stand still, it started to take off again.

    I'm sure that your plant will recover form the transplant, but if theres a halt in growth, dont be suprised, let it do its thing.
  5. hey guys , at the morning after transplant i took a picture , and now i came after 10 hours in home i already see a little progress :)) it seem to be ok , thx god:) but leafs below looks awry

    Uploaded with
  6. what is the temp. where you have them?that looks like the first set of leafs i wouldn't worry about it to much the rest of the growth looks fine.keep up the good work.:hello:

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