Totaled bong or Repair? Need advice/ opinions

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  1. Hey everyone, so sadly i need to announce that i recently broke my favorite bong (that i have been spoiled by) It fell over and landed right on the bowl and cracked it straight off. So the picture is of the crack that would usually be about a .5" in. lower then where the bowl slides into. Unfortunately where it cracked is thinner then where the bowl goes so my current bowl cant slide in at all and when I tried to take a rip it was just a lot of air. So im coming to everyone on here to for the opinion of either A) just repair it, if anyone has any connects for someone who can fix it in Phx AZ plz let me know. B) Attempt to rig it with a slightly thinner bowl and hope i can slide it in where its cracked and have a airtight fit (or without it breaking more). ORRRR C) which is buy a new bong, now i have looked around and i can probably get a pretty good one for less then 75.

    So if anyone can enlighten me in any info about glass repair, or how much it would cost, who can do it, or just accept my loss and get a new one that wont be as good.

    Heres the pic, btw if it matters i tried to collect all the little pieces that broke.

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  2. That looks very fixable. I don't know of any glass blowers in AZ, but a Google search might bring up some results. But glass repair can be expensive and it might just be worth it to buy a new bong depending on how much it cost to fix and how much your bong is worth. If you can't find any in AZ i would highly recommend Preston from Stone Glass Works, they are located in California though so you would have to pay for shipping, which would further increase the cost. I broke my 10 arm Worked Wicked Sands a/c the day i got it sent it out to Preston, got it back 3 days later good as new, couldn't be happier.
  3. Hmm ill keep that in mind. The bong is usually sold for about 250-300, so im starting to lean towards just replacing it if I can find a really good deals on like craigslist. It will be much faster and I have also heard of glass repair being very $$$.
  4. one thing is some people wont repair visibly used glass because if they have a business they can get busted for it. You may need to use some sort of product such as forumula 420 to make sure that the bong is squeaky clean.
  5. Oh ya of course. I always just make my pieces spotless if I bringem to a head shop of something. I just alcohol and salt and a lot of shaking. That def works the best
  6. I never though to try alcohol and salt. I was debating a pipe once and the guy threw in a bottle of forumla 420 for me and ive never looked back. It just works so well I never even bothered to try anything else lol.
  7. Word, I used to just use similar cleaning products like your 420 stuff, but ever since my local shop closed im to lazy to make the extra couple miles lol, And I do think this actually works a little better for some reason. Just find your highest % rubbing alcohol you can find at your grocery store and then a little bit of salt (I use morton salt), And shake the shit out of your pipe in a plastic bag, or just shake your bong a bunch and it will look brand new:) i think its probably a little cheaper to do this then getting the specialty cleaners, depends where you get it though :)
  8. Man up and buy a new piece.
  9. Yeah the specialty cleaners run around 9 or 10 dollars I think so ill pick up some rubbing alcohol and salt and try that out and let you know if there is a difference
  10. if you know what your doing alcohol and salt will do the same job as specialty cleaners for 90% less $$. good luck
  11. How would you go about cleaning a bong that has been repaired with glass glue? It sucks but I haven't found ANY help ANYWHERE. Like, will the alcohol just break down the glue?

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