Total War: Rome 2

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  1. I love this game, my favorite faction to play as are any of the Greek factions! Anyone else given it a try? It had a very shaky start but 16 patches later it's pretty awesome.

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  2. I wish my laptop could run this but ill just have to stick with civ.
  3. I've had this game since it first came out but I never really got into it until now. I'm more into games that focus more on administrative and economic aspects like EU4 but man, when you get the hang of this game it's awesome
  4. I play Shogun, Shogun 2 and Attila. I didn't get Rome 2 since it had a horrible launch, I hear it's decent now. I'd like to try Medieval and some of the older ones. I'm kinda new to Grand Strat. I have Civ 5 but I'm lost playing it. I'm more familiar with RTS.
  5. CiV FTW!

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  6. You got my steam?
  7. Medieval II was honestly one of the best out of the Total War series in my opinion, especially if you had the expansion to cross the Atlantic into the new world.
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    I've only really given the Romans a run, and I still have yet to beat the game (get a campaign victory I mean). It's really fun, there's still a couple annoying bugs - my support ships like to randomly just fire their flaming ballistas into the water right infront of the boat which drives me nuts since my fleets largely depend on my support ships lighting everything on fire. Also get really tired of chasing the Egyptians around in the desert.
    I've Rome 2 and Attila to play still.
  9. Anyone here want to play a head to head multiplayer campaign?

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  10. I recently bought Rome total war 2, medieval 1 and 2 and Napoleon total war. My laptop couldn't run Attila, love these games so much

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