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Total Value of Your Collection

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by athensman, May 4, 2011.

  1. Backstory: My roommate just smoked with me for the last time ever monday because he is going into active duty and with the drug testing and all, it's just not worth it to him. So it got me thinking about taking a break or quitting so I can get a summer job and continue to live in my college town instead of moving back home. So, while thinking about quitting, I came up with a retail value of my marijuana collection, so like your toking tools, your stash, grinders, scales, etc.

    My answer was $80-bong, $30 scale, $20 spoon, plus about an eighth of dank ($60). So, my total value was only at $130+weed on hand.

    What's your value?
  2. paraphernalia - $500
    bud- ?? who knows...too much to remember
  3. I only have like 100 dollars worth of BHO right now and like 400-500 dollars worth of bongs/vapes/etc

  4. not counting the weed about 250$ got a 90$ bong a 40$ bubbler two 10$ spoons and 100$ vape with
  5. Weed: 20$
    Rolling Papers: 2$

    I'm so cheap :(
  6. Thats a tough one lol 3,000 in "tools" atleast.When it comes to bud that is a damn hard question, between 5 and 6 pounds so whatever that comes out to.It is priceless in my head anyways haha
  7. Atm, about $400 in paraphernalia and $140 in the ganj
  8. like 30 in grass and about 400 in paraphenalia
  9. €1 in paraphenalia and around €30 in weed
  10. $20 on bud and $125 bong, $30 bong, $15 all metal bubbler, 2 $10 pipes, plus glass bowls $20
    total $210
  11. Stuff I have Now:

    Vapir Vaporizer: $120
    Plastic Bong/Gas-Mask Combo: $50
    Glass Bowl: $20
    Joint Roller: $7
    Blunt Roller: $5
    Little Green Bong: $20
    Grinder: $15
    Total: $247

    Stuff That Broke/I Tossed to Avoid Being Caught:
    Little Wooden Pipe: $10
    Glass Bowl: $15
    Cheaply Made Vape: $25 (Bought it through a friend of a friend, it retailed for $80 at Brennan's)
    Total: $50
  12. I've managed to smoke free for about three months now. Thank god selling is easy.

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