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    THE TALE OF THE WAKE N BAKE FAIL by ireallydontwhat

    {PROLOGUE}-"A tutorial!"

    Hey folks! I hope you are having a good day! I would appreciate if you guys would read this. It started out as a story but turned into a play of some sort. I really don't know why :smoking:. Anyways, I really put a decent amount of my time into making this post. Feedback of any kind is welcomed and wanted! So here is where the journey begins. Here is the tale of the wake n bake fail!

    ACT 1(FINAL ACT) SCENE 1-"A good start!"

    So I decide to wake and bake with a good ole' classic J. I light it and initially I thought, "God damn, this is looking great!". Started to puff but no smoke then I sucked harder but to no avail....It burned too quick and wasted weed, so I decided to bring out the one hitter. The first pack was fine but it clogged the pipe! I checked for a toothpick but sadly there was none.
    I looked around and scavanged a stick, a small stick. I jammed it in there and it worked in the start but quickly turned stale....The stick broke in my pipe and snapped in half like how a lumber jack would quickly cut a tree. Now my pipe was clogged, stuffed, full, filled, among other words that describe an object's capacity being fulfilled. So now I absolutely needed those toothpicks! I ran inside into the kitchen and proceeded to look in the cabinets where the toothpick made it's home. I quickly grabbed two tooth picks and started to give "mission: lumber jack" a go!

    SCENE 2-"MISSION ireallydontwhat?"
    I managed to unclog the pipe but the stick is still in there! I tried and tried but just couldn't get the stick out...So I said "fuck it" and just packed the one hitter anyway, like a boss.....I gracefully grabbed the lighter and lit that motherfucker up! It hit good enough, it wasn't at its FULL potential but it got me there. I finished my cannabis remains and wiped off.

    SCENE 3(FINAL SCENE)-"Coming to terms!"
    Now you find me here, right in Grasscity announcing and sharing my story, my story of an epic adventure. There were the ups and the downs, but in the end it worked out and he took and acknowledge the short comings. He turned a bad situation into an alright situation. It wasn't the best but he was thankful it wasn't the worst.

    The end,


    {EPILOGUE}-"This is where I'm signing off!"

    Thank you for reading this Grasscity....have a nice fucking day. Oh and if you're down or ever will be down and depressed. Just think of this story and how the character overcame the stuffed pipe(your depresser, it's symbolism) and he cleared it enough to get baked. Then he overcame his fear and discussed his tribulations to the world and its people(yup, that's you too GC!) You must talk about your problems and share them with the world! I'm here for you guys!

    ireallydontwhat is out of here. He is now on his own voyage to reach for the stars and his goals!!! He is a seeker of knowledge, truth, peace, and pot. One day hoping to be a great scientist and a frequent cannabis user. The man will go on to forward society and life itself! We will know what dreams are and how to control them! We will know everything about the afterlife! We will finally be able to cure Alzheimer's disease! The possibilities are limitless with the topic of consciousness, specifically the HUMAN consciousness. May this cannabis raise my consciousness so I can finally see what life is! Peace, guys. (And no I am not a new ager OR a hippy haha, although nothing against them. I am just a guy living this experience and trying to comprehend it. I want to comprehend it so I can finally make peace with it. This is my journey I must embark on. WISH ME LUCK GC! I'll NEED IT!

    ~let's all chill out~ :cool:

    {END ALL}

    :D :p :smoking:
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  3. Sounds like you got high as fuck.

  4. Well I am good. Just wanted to share. Thanks for reading I really appreciate it!

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