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    I am a total rookie but giving this a shot, I have a white widow that is about 8 days transplnted from klone, she had yellow leaves on bottom when I got her she has recieved 1/2 nutes twice, and is about 9; tall also a Choco Berry that was pretty sick when I got her 2 days ago I transplnted her yesterday any input what she might need would help, and a Purple Pineapple that was transplanted same time as the Choco Berry,

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  2. wondering if I should top this white widow yet ????

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  3. Hi vegasm, Looks to me like you have plenty of leaf sets, top away. In regards to topping I've been warned about topping too late into flower, other than that from what I've read it comes down to personal growing style.
    I'm on my third grow & a rookie like you so here'a link to a sticky on topping.

  4. There is alot of articles here, check out the stickys. Good luck to you and your babies
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    Thanks I am gonna top her tonight, I am not gonna flower yet I wanna get some clones from her also, how long ya think before I cut some klones from her

  6. Thanks for the link
  7. yes, definitely start topping, then wait 7 days and you can top again. I usually take clones right before I flower or the first week of flower, you can probably get at least 5-7 clones or more.
  8. thanks for the input

  9. If your cutting to top then cut for clones as well.
  10. well I topped it last night maybe too much lol........will keep updated

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  11. Just an update after I topped her and have been cutting nodes for about 6 days .................any input on how my plants are looking greatky ppreciated

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  12. They look quite healthy. Just let them fill in more now (pic 3 and 4).
  13. just an update and any input appreciated see if ya think they are growing normal compared to last pics

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  14. They look fantastic bro.
    Doin somethin right!
  15. here is a update on my 1 st grow, 1st Purple Widow 7 weeks going into flower on Tuesday, Chocolate Berry going into flower Tuesday, she is a 10 -11 week flower girl, Purple Pineapple after breaking the main stem had about a 1 1/2 week delay in growing but she is started growing good again, will wait to flower for about 2 more weeks, and the PitBull from seed about 4 weeks today, I am really concerned about using the CFL to flower, all this time I want a good yield but I am a risk taker, tell me waht you all think about yields coming from the CFL,s during flowering

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  16. Great looking plants! I'm a total noob but if its just for a personal stash you'll have PLENTY under cfl
  17. well I am a legal card holder and will be selling to other legal cardholders to recoup cost of growing
  18. ^ then its time to get serious and lose the cfls
  19. [quote name='"vegasm"']
    well I am a legal card holder and will be selling to other legal cardholders to recoup cost of growing[/quote]

    In that case cfls won't really work as well, to get quality you'll need hps or hid
  20. I just received two 150 watt hps, I am just flowering 2 right now ya think this will work for some quality, I will have enough for a 600 watt by the time I am ready to flower 6 more in a few weeks

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