Total Recall (2012)

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  1. So how does this compare to the original? Total Recall (1990) with the great Arnie, it doesn't, you got better value for money back then, more story for your buck!
    Sure the CGI is good, but after awhile you can just see it makes up for the dithering story line, that we got to know so well, pity I was straight seeing this, as it would have been a blast to follow the action thru what at times looked like they fell onto the set of Bladerunner / 5th Element

    For the longest marital dispute in Hollywood history since Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton played Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, you gotta see this, it goes for over an hour with just Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale battling it out together.(Runtime:118 min)
    That was just plain silly, if Hauser,Farrell was this great hero he certainly couldn't tame his wife, and how did the guy at Recall know Hauser was a spy?
    just to many holes for this old stoner, Nah!, but I'd take my grandstoner kids to watch:

  2. I remember the "Total Recall" with Arnold. I think I'll wait for it to come out on DVD. In the meantime, I'll have to go to the library amd find the story or book the film was adapted from. "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" by Philip K. Dick
  3. Scrotal Recall
  4. I saw it yesterday too, there was plenty of action but the movie failed to awe me.

    My biggest problem is that it was so fucking simple to find a way to stop things, but they managed to stretch it into the movie. It's pathetic that a secret agent was needed to figure things out, but they sure needed him to make up for their stupidity. That is all I'll say to avoid ruining the story for others.

    I also thought it was a little ridiculous that they tried to have Brian Cranston (dad from Malcolm in the Middle or Breaking Bad) pull some kung fu fighting with Colin Farrell. He just can't pull it off.

  5. Guys!.. sorry to you if I dropped a few Spoilers in there..just to say that back in the '80's Arnie got a very hard time, for his acting ability, and so only did dumb(at the time) action movies, and Total Recall(1990) was one, he didn't have to act, some say, because he couldn't, but they did give him guys that could act for him, but he had one thing Farrel ain't got...and that is ..screen presence, unlike so many actors of today.


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