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  1. So my plan is to start growing stealthy and need some advice on what supplies I need. I'll be growing in a small space, most likely a couple pc towers and plan on using an auto-flowering strain but I don't know anything about lights, soil, or anything like that.
  2. Google there's so many answers to your questions there's prob 140 threads about this you can read stickies for beginners
  3. Really? A couple of PC towers? Auto-Flowering plants? Really?!?

    What are you trying to accomplish here? To me it sounds like an absolute waste of time and resources. If you need to do a PC grow because you live with your parents or something just save your money for your own apartment.

    And if you're doing the PC/Auto thing because that is what you see other new growers doing... Understand that all the real medicinal cannabis, the good stuff, is not Auto-Flowering.

    My suggestion to you is to sack it up and spend the $500 to $800 required on a small grow tent, an HID light, ventilation fan, circulation fan, pH tester, media, nutrients, planters, carbon filter, and the odds and ends (scissors, drain pans, timer, etc).

    A $500 budget and the right products (400w lamp, 2x4x5 tent) will net you a good 6 to 7 ounces without too much hassle or knowledge. Figure, if you're paying $250 an ounce then that would offset at least $1500 in purchases, and the investment pays for itself 3x over in the first go around.

    If you are open to growing properly, at least semi-proper, then hit me up and I'll offer you guidance. Hell, I could tell you what to get and how to use it (as I am for a few other growers) and you could skip the misinformation that has led you to think PC case Auto growing is the right move. Up to you.

    Different strokes for different folks...
  4. Omg SCMC. What a breath of fresh air. :)
  5. Morning Hosk,
    Yep, what SCMC said.
    Being a newb myself (working on my third grow) I can tell you from personal experience I don't think your going to learn anything from growing out autoflowering plants, at least I didn't

    I got a couple of freebies from Attitude with my order & grew them out with BF Vanilla Kush they sent me. No matter what I tried to do the auto's did exactly what they wanted like they had a mind of their own. At least that's the way it seemed to me.
    They seemed to have crappy genetics but that could be my lack of exp. and/or other factors. The Vanilla Kush turned out much better. The VK seemed stronger throughout the entire grow.

    Cheers & Good Luck with growing,

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