Total Newbie, Looking For Ways To Improve (complete Pics/videos Inside)

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  1. Hey guys! Super new to growing, in fact I only even though about growing 2 months ago, and then 1 month later I started growing, I did TONS of research and came up with what I thought, would be my best set up. So now that I have gotten started, 5 weeks under my belt, I am looking for some ways to min/max my set up and I also want a estimate on my total yield. (Just curious if I am ball parking correctly.

    What I know I need:Co2- I dont want to get that until I have a couple of grows under my belt, I still have a lot to learn to be adding in another big component.
    A couple of oscillating fans-my old one blew a day ago, and 2 are coming with the next paycheck
    A new non-batwing hood-Again next investment

    My set up-Videos and pictures to be includedHydroponic/bubbleponic grow with 3.5 gallon buckets and Dakine 420 nutrients with hydrogaurd
    2 1000 watt MH bulbs with HPS ready to go6 week total veg
    First set is deathstar at 5 weeks
    Second set is blue dream at 1 week(out of clone dome)
    6 inch inline fan bringing in filtered outside air.
    78 temp with 20% humidity
    18/6 light schedule

    Anything else you need to know please ask!
    Video link to whole set up
    pictures to roots ect-

  2. You will not get the right attention here as this is posted in the wrong section.

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  3. Oh! I didnt know, where should I post?
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    Best of luck with your soon to come ladies though my fellow blade!
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