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  1. Hi total newbie here... Never have smoked EVER and waiting first card in mail. 50 yr old suffering from lumbar denergative disc disease, spondylosis, yada yada yada. Looking for strain to ease the pain. Reading a lot about ACDC and Harlequin. Mostly wanna try to reduce inflammation to control flare-ups of pain. anybody have any advise to throw my way? I am sure I want to smoke it, as I want the full effect of the flower. Not sure if CBD topicals will help. Was told to stay away from edibles. Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. LOL take 50% of what people tell you as pure bull shit and they don't know WTH they are talking about.

    Cannabis is a finicky drug as to what it can help with. You'll have to experiment with the full range of products to see what works best at controlling your issues.
    Second up is how much stone can you stand or are willing to put up with through the day.

    You have 4 major forms to try.
    Both the -a forms are considered raw acid and the THC-a carries very little stone in this stage.

    Decarboxylation = Heating cannabis changes the THC-a into THC the psychoactive form. Smoking does this as does vaping. Some will already be decarbed due to the processing method used. Some of the new wax and rosin concentrates are this form.

    Eaten decarbed material changes from the smoked form of THC-delta--9 to it's bigger badder older brother.
    Hydroxy-11 THC.
    Your liver does this little change for you and it results in 5x more bang and it lasts about 10x as long. So not only does eaten make far more financial sense as you get so much more effects per gram it also works better as pain meds for the extended relief you get.

    I suffer from post surgical adhesions where I was cut open 3 times in the same place. Feels like somebody has a handful of my guts and is trying to yank them out my navel. Cannabis kills that pain cold. Instant stop.

    I make wickedly strong Kief-Hash, Coconut oil, Lecithin capsules that keep me in relief for 12 hours at a time. Very effective meds. I used to have to smoke every 45 minutes to get relief and that meant getting up every hour at night to medicate.
    You just have to find your own personal edible dose sweet spot. Edibles can vary wildly in how they hit a person. What sends my wife zooming I can't feel at all. What I take would have her very angry at me when she finally came down several days later.

    What works for me is high THC. Means I'm stoned 24-7 365 but I can deal with that as I'm pain free. A fair trade in my book. CBD actually blocks the pain killing effects I get from THC and I have to wait for the CBD to wear off before the THC would work again. I've grown high CBD strains out a couple of times for testing and for me personally they are more a hindrance then a help.

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  4. Thanks for the info. Maybe a gummie bear or two can help with longer lasting relief. I will def take it slow on my exploration. Sorry for you daily pain, its no fun. Thanks again
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  5. LOL we are all getting old and falling apart. It's amazing how well Cannabis helps with more then just what my primary use is for. Helps with this back twinge and that bum knee and that bad wrist and...

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  6. Hey Bubba....I HATE that you are in pain....but I am GLAD to see another story like this.....someone who has never experienced cannabis for themselves.....who start taking it for a medicine.....I AM EXCITED for you about the journey you are fixing to I feel VERY CONFIDENT in this plant and fully believe it will make your life a bit more manageable as well!!

    Good Luck my friend and I HOPE you find some resemblance of comfort
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  7. Honestly, youre in for a helluva ride my friend!! Its going to be amazing and to some extent life changing. Ganja works so much better for sleep and pain then pretty much anything i was prescribed barring a few exceptions.
  8. Hey thanks, I just bought a bong, lol such a while new world !
  9. Salves actually help amazingly with inflammation.
  10. Disappointed ! Smoked acdc with no effects. No mental or physical change. Certainly smoked enough. Even smoked a higher THC . 6% THC of Nigerian mint. Took three solid hits and nothing. Tried canna hemp cbd 250 mg cbd pain relief cream and no relief. Will try to smoke again today. Hope I get more of an effect today.
  11. I’d say bump up the thc with those medical conditions. If your just starting out bounce between 10-15 thc no need to go higher until your comfortable with being medicated. I think tinctures is a good 1st step toward edibles.
  12. I wanna function during day but wanna control the pain too. So confused on all of this. Nsaids will help the pain, so I know its inflammation causing this. CBD is suppose to be more potent of an anti inflammatory then Nsaids. List of suggests from clinic. White widow or AK-47 during day. Blue dream and bubba kush at night.
  13. I’d look at strains that promote focus and pain relief during the day. Durban poison and harlequin are good strains. Everyone’s gunna have an opinion but everyone different. Ya need thc to go with the cbd for best results. Have I searched leafly or Those are sites I used to research strains when I was looking for relief.
    Start with a cbd strain that has a lil thc in it then graduate to higher thc strains.

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