total newb questions that can be answered quickly........

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  1. i realize this is a newb ?, but ive never grown anything before.........

    anyways fertizilar is a soil/heavier nutrient mixture than regular soil like FFOF, and the other nutes that FF sells that come in bottle form are a liquid nutrient form that is to be mixed w/ water and applyed w. waterings, is so which is the perferred/better method, transporting to a fertiziler or using the liquid nutes? or i could be totally wrong?
  2. I read that about 3 times.

    Mind = blown.
  3. Ok what your asking is, is it better to start with a medium with fertalizer in it. or without.
    and wich fertalizers are better Soliubles aka powder that needs mixed in Or the liquid fertalizers.

    I like the soilubles because they last forever and take up low amounts of space
    I like the liquids because it's like instant gratafacation like the that was easy button.
  4. I like to use both, but more on the liquid side rather than the fertilizer side.

    More of a 70%-30% thing.

    Have no real justification for why I do that, I kinda just believe that because I dont fertilize with water all the time, like 2 time fert then 1 time fresh water, that the little bit of nutrients inside my soil fertilzer are still being fed to my plant. Just enough to keep the plant going but not enough to interrupt that small clean water flush.

    thats what i think at least.

  5. if you use FFOF soil, im pretty sure u don't have to water ur plants for the first 3-4 weeks, not entirely sure, correct me if i'm wrong.

    honestly id just stick to liquid nutes, since to me it's more like feeding a baby, you take good care of it, feed it properly and it'll grow up to be strong and healthy.

    soiluables seem like: here's a 100 dollar bill do w/e u want kinda thing to me, but i'm gettin a bit to off topic and specific with what i'm saying haha.

    when you apply nutes too, always make sure your ph is corrected and mix with water before feeding if that's what your askin btw
  6. ^ yea on starting off w/ a clone w/ FFOF soil, from what ive seen u should WATER it but not add any nutes for the 3-4 weeks or veg. dont know exactly though......and then during the flower is when u wanna add nutes......but according to FF's feeding chart they add some throughout the whole process.......i juss dont wannna buy unnessessary stuff like everyone else,,,,i guess u just gotta know ur stuff.........anyone who uses FFoF have any light to shed on this?
  7. my bad i meant to say not to use nutes for the first month, but yes water it, definately right on that haha.
    just look at their bloom products, their usually totally separate from the veg products.
  8. Being someone who uses ocean forest exclusively watering depends soly on the size of the pot i use a 1 cup sized pot first then a 2 gallon then 5 gallon my enviroment is 30-40 percent humidity i can go 2 days before watering 3 days if it's a emergency.
    as far as nutrients i run grow big after the 1st week.
  9. Same here... :confused:

    Man, I think you're asking if you should go with organic or chemical fertilizers.

    Well, Idk. People are pro organic, while other ppl are pro chemical for some time. Dunno.

    In my frist grow I didn't even use nutes. Simply kept adding some organic worm castings soil along the way. I guess this figures as organic, but I'm not really sure.

    Keep in mind that chemical stuff that is not intended for edible growth might have poisonous chemicals that will add up in your plant system and might be smoked by you later.

    Although I'm pro chemical stuff (easier to use, to dose, to control), 'cause they seem to promote a better growth, I'd tell you to go organic. Organic will be always safer considering the end product. That's my $0.02

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