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  1. i have my first plant going on 4 weeks 20170815_191644.jpg 20170815_191644.jpg 20170815_191525.jpg 20170815_191644.jpg 20170815_191525.jpg old only about 9 inches tall. it looks like its getting more leaves where the current ones join the stalk. is this normal at this age and so short on height? sorry for the stupid questions
  2. Pretty normal size I think..they tend to pick up speed as they get bigger and have a bigger root system

    First grow
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  3. Mine are about 2 months old and only a bit over a foot tall..bushes though

    First grow
  4. thsnks just anxious about first grow
  5. Yeah man it looks good. As the other poster said, once the root system develops it'll take off.
  6. If it's outside then yeah guess that's about right - if it's indoors then that's stunted.
  7. outdoors
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  8. Keep in mind indicas grow slower/shorter than sativas and that's in soil it looks like...Coco and dwc grow a bit faster

    First grow

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