Total newb. How they looking?

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  1. Hello all. As the title states, I'm a total newb when it comes to cultivation. I have three plants and wanna know how they look to experienced growers. Thx in advance!

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    This plant has some real troubles. I am not sure what is wrong with her, over watering under watering nutrient issues. It doesn't look good though, how close is she to finishing? Even if tomorrow is harvest day she looks abused.

    Or is it a he? Hard to see blurry pics but those look like nuts not buds
  3. All three are separate plants. I may have fucked them up. My first grow so I'm kinda going at it alone. Thx for the input.
  4. In fact looking closer at pics instead of just the leaves I saw in smaller picture it's totally a dude. Rip them up, or take this post down if you are just messing with people.
  5. To be blunt, I've never seen an outdoor grower do worse. Try again next year.
  6. Well at least I'm good at something.
  7. Failed growing happens to a lot of people. It shouldn't stop you from trying again. Research and look into what the successful growers are doing and try again. I have seen worse grows, you made it to an adult plant. One of them looks female with seeds. You could use that to restart if that's the case.
  8. Could be a lot of things. First thing I noticed was the plant was in the shade. Cannabis needs LOTS of light. It loves the shit. If you can't find a place with ample sun out of view, get a small Mylar tent with some CFL love. Best investment I ever made.

    I've heard differing things about when to water. I've heard every second to third day, even heard once every week, and nutes once a fortnight. Also heard to do no nutes until flower.. Guess it will come down to your medium.

    They are tall and the stems look strong. The leaves, however, look pretty bad. Wilted leaves can't soak up a lot of energy so I'm guessing these could have been even taller. Top/stretch the next ones if you are going to use seeds from this one. You will end up with multi colas :)

    Like the dude before said, you got the plant to adulthood. They flowered. Might as well harvest the seeds and plant again. If you use a tent, you can grow all year round and just clone the shit out of a mother plant - never run out of weed hah.

    Best of luck with your next grow buddy. Watch videos, ask questions and learn from mistakes. It's my first grow as well, and even though I read up for a few solid months, still making some mistakes.

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  9. nutrient burned like shit
  10. im just curious as to what part of those plants were you planning on smoking?

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