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  1. Hey I currently have 3 plants in a 3x3 tent under a 400hps and 50w led that are in their 3rd week of flowering, flowers have been coming out for the last week. The two God Bud plants have showed signs of white powder mildew on maybe 4 or 5 leaves at a time (about 30% of fan leaves of total plant ). only one or two light circles of the mold per affected leaf. You really can't tell unless you really look, and the other plant which is a kc mind bender will get a single white spot every couple days. Still has the fungus but not as bad. My question is, assuming i have the source of the PM, should i just chop the plants anyway and clean clean clean then start with clones with different genetics from a trusted source? The big problem is that it is my first grow in a while and I just need medicine ASAP. The fungus hasn't spread to the bud but I'm afraid that the mold will spread in the next 4+ weeks into the middle of the buds and I will have a total loss. So what would you do? Cut down and start cleaning or try and ride it out. SORRY FOR THE LONG POST. JUST TRYING TO GET SOME AFFORDABLE MEDS AS SOON AS I CAN, THANKS!!
    p.s. please move this to the correct area if it is not where it belongs..thanks!

  2. thanks Storm Crow, I guess I should have added that i have been spraying with the h202 solution and it does seem to keep it at bay a little bit. I will try the milk meted though, I have heard a lot of successful stories. If you have used the milk before, Storm Crow, do you spray directly on the  buds? I could care less about the fan leaves as long as it doesn't spread to the goodness:)
  3. Yes, I have used it and it works! I just spray again the next day with plain water to remove the last traces of milk and set a fan on the plants to speed up drying! In fact, I used it just about week ago when the plant in the back corner of the closet developed a couple spots of PM. It looked OK yesterday when I watered, but to be honest, I didn't really inspect it closely.  And I really should do that to see if it needs another dose!
    And when the spider mites show up (they will eventually), I reach for the Peppermint Dr Bronner's soap. It does not poison the insects, it destroys their waxy coating that keeps their bodily moisture inside. They quickly die of dehydration, so there is NO WAY that they can build a tolerance! And considering that the peppermint oil in the soap stings if applied to certain sensitive parts of your body, I imagine that the mites are quite uncomfortable as they die! (OK, so I'm a spider mite sadist. I HATE the little buggers!  :mad: )
    And like the milk solution, it rinses off easily the next day- leaving no residue for you to smoke! A small bottle will run you about $5! :yay:

  4. Yes I agree with storm... Milk is good... also water and baking soda... But most importantly add a fan or 2 to move that air around...

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