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Total freakout?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skippy17, Aug 26, 2008.

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    Hey everyone, I'm kind of wondering about a total freakout I had a while ago (story to follow):

    I was sitting in my apartment with my friend matt, about to go see a movie, when he asked if I wanted to smoke, so of course I said yeah. I had about 4 good rips off his chillem. I usually have a hard time going up and I get nervous so I laid down for a while before we got up to go. He was sitting on the floor beside me and got up to get a drink and that's when it started. I began to feel very nervous. He could tell right away so he offered a game of tic tac toe, something simple to get my mind off it. It worked for the first game, but by the second game the marker felt weird in my hand so I dropped it and immediately curled into a ball. I was HARDCORE freaking. I tried to find comfort in the TV show on but I couldn't. I couldn't stop switching channels, back and forth, I told matt to turn the lights on, and that made me freak out more so I told him turn it off, and then I felt like I was going to die. I tossed and turned on the couch. I buried my face in a pillow. I totally would have bawled but I was too afraid to. To my horror I started twitching, my fingers went numb, then eventually my hands, then my entire left arm, then my toes, my feet, and my legs. My breathing felt shallow and fluidy and I couldn't get enough air. I honestly thought about telling him to call an ambulance, it was completely out of control, and even he started freaking out. I eventually laid on my back and folded my arms over my chest and was able to sit still long enough to do so. Doing that for about 10 minutes made me calm down and eventually the feeling came back into my limbs. The whole freakout lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. Afterwards he said I was white as a sheet and he was scared for me, lol! After he left I even felt paranoid, I chained the door and double locked it. The next morning I felt low and depressed.

    I have had my share of freakouts on weed, but nothing like this. This was hands down the most terrifying experience of my entire life. Was this crap laced or what? I get nervous about 30% of the time I smoke to a moderate level, but the extreme discomfort only lasts 5 minutes and the rest is breezy. The funny thing is, that certain weed made me feel nervous more than any other kind. What do you think was up?

    Sorry this is so long but it's been bothering me for a while and I'm a rookie. Thanks for the help!

    BTW, he smoked some too but was fine and I only freaked out. Same with the other times on that same weed. I got moderately nervous every single time and nothing happened to him.
    I also saw a lot of stars, lol. Almost clouding my vision at the peak of my freakout.
  2. I doubt it was laced. I used to freak out when I started smoking but if you just understand that you are just high, its supposed to be fun, you can control it and you will come down soon if none of that works for you. Also being in an environment you are comfortable with is critical, this includes the people there with you. Good luck
  3. with a freakout that huge u gotta think it might be laced. espicially a good 45 to an hour freak out damn... i feel bad for u dude hope u dont experience it ever again.
  4. what would it be laced with though to cause a "freakout"?
  5. honestly idk but who knows these days. somebody on another thread said there shit was laced with embalming fluid. tbh people can put anything in there.
  6. yeah that is true, as messed up as it is....

    But if he was the only who smoked it and freaked then it could just be all mental, did anyone else puff any of that bud?
  7. hey, sorry to hear you had a total freak out on the good ol' mary jane. it should bring you some sort of relief that you're definitely not alone. this was my old post on someone having the same thing. What you were dealing with was a panic attack.

  8. This is how propaganda gets fueled..embalming fluid is a street term for PCP, nobody would actually use a carcinogenic substance like formaldehyde in order to get more weight out of their buds, that's just ridiculous.

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