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Discussion in 'General' started by TeSupo, May 21, 2006.

  1. Well at this point, I lost my wallet. I went back to the places where I used it last and no luck. :( I am hoping someone will mail it to me or call or I find it and it was never lost.

    all my CC's were in there with over 3 - 500 dollars cash and a sim card that is protected but fuck a lot of personal stuff is out.

    well I can't do anything about it so im gonna try to just get a good high going..

    so what would you guys do if you found a wallet full of cash, atm cards and so on.

    edit... hopefully someone finds it, ill be sure to give them a nice tip. and I wouldn't even care if some of the money is gone I just wish I had it back for all the other stuff.
  2. cancel your cc and freeze your bank account if there's a debit card
  3. Sorry to hear, man. That sucks.
    But yeah you should cancel the CC's.

    Where did you lose it?
  4. I am pretty sure it would have had to be Costco, and I live in a really rich tourist town so I dunno how people are.. probably does not even matter.

    we have a outside patio food court at this costco, and I believe I would have left it by the coddements and they were out so I brought my hotdog to the next one where there was a employee so she would have had to gone the next one right away where the wallet would have been, but im not even sure if that is what happened.

    fuck, my bank is one of those local banks and I can't do anything but wait till tommorow to put a hold on my card.. this is really weak of them to not have a way to cancell your card, yet I can log into the card online.
  5. i lost my wallet and a bill a couple weeks ago and i didn't care too much, if i lost what you had that'd suck ass.

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