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  1. ok well i have never grown anything before... how should i start? is there another site that can explain step by step what is needed and how to grow your own weed? can you just collect yoru seeds from the weed you buy and then grow them in a pot near a window? and how do you dry it out? puh puh puh please help... thanks
  2. If you've never grown before, let me give you some tips of some things I learned the hard way:

    First- Keep It Simple- Don't try to get fancy the first time around. just get some seed out of a bag (don't try to get any special seeds yet). Put a towel on the floor or on a tbale and lay a double layer of paper towel on it (2 sheets on top of one another). Put some water on it so the paper towels are damp. Pick out say 5 seeds and lay them along one edge of the paper towel, keeping at least an inch or so of space between each one. fold the edge of paper towel over the seeds and continue to roll this up until you have a rolled up piece of damp paper towel. put this in a cup or on a lplate and cover with plastic wrap (to keep the towel moist) and put in a dark place. In a few days check it and any seeds you see starting to sprout a root remove from the paper towel *carefully* and place about half an inch to one inch beneath some soil in a smal pot or somewhat large plastic "party cup". Let the seed take root and soon you should see a little plant sprouting. Make sure to keep the soil damp while it is growing (not soaked, but damp/moist).

    Second- find a plce you can grow it. If you live in a sunny, secluded area you could probably do well growing outside, but if not find a suitable closet or something that you can use.

    Third, you'll need some lights. Get some flourescents (40 watt bulbs). These are really cheap and are in most homeimprovement stores or hardware depts. of many stores. Don't buy any special "plant-gro" bulbs or anything. I made the mistake of shelling out $60 for two, 2-foot flourescent "gro-bulbs", when I should've just gotten the cheaper "cool white" flouros. The "cool white flouros" are usually about 4 feet long and have a place for two bulbs. Keep the length of the flourescents in mind when you find an area to grow in.

    Fourth- Line the area you grow in with some reflective surface. I would suggest painting the walls around your plant "flat white" if you can, but if not, use aluminum foil (dull side facing your growing area) or buy one of those "space/emergency blankets" (usually found in the camping area of your local dept. store). These blankets are huge, can be cut to size, and they are cheap (like 2 dollars for a sheet about 7' by 5').

    As your plants grow, make sure not to over fertilize in your zeal for better weed. Also try not to overwater. Before you water kinda lift the pot and feel the weight of it. If it feels kinda heavy from the water content, they don't need water. When they start getting lighter and noticeibly less "heavy", then they may need a drink. Just make sure the soil is damp, but not soaked. Better to starve them a little on the water for a day or so, than to subject them to a flood day after day.

    That's good enough fore a start. Individual questions are best asked separately on here as many people on here have their "specialties" in different ares of growing (lighting, fertilizers, etc. etc.). Also go through the forums on here - past and present- and try to get an idea of the do's and don'ts of growing. You'll find most people on here are eager to help you out. That's it for now, I'm sure others will add more.

    Until later,
  3. if you're lazy like me you can buy melamine sheets (thin wooden board with one white side) nail it on the walls and that's all you need to do.... also good for speed if you need it doing quick...



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