Tossing Salads

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ERRLXXX, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. So who else in here likes rimming gapes and tonguing ballon knots ?
    Nothing better than rimming a chick, or her rimming you.

  2. Rimming gapes will have you dancing with the E-Coli devil
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  3. I enjoy rimming, but gapes freak me the fuck out.
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  5. I do it to my girl when things get really steamy. It turns her on so much. Nothing turns me on more than my girl being turned on.

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  6. Done it to my wife a number of times, she seems to enjoy it but doesnt ever really get into it like I wish she would, she knows I love doing it so she probably doesn't tell me no
  7. Does it ever taste like shit? That's the part that scares me
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  8. It's usually after we have had a shower, or been in the pool ... And, I will spread her cum around with my tongue ... But no, haven't had the shit flavor ... You can do a home anal cleanser if the "activity" is planned ahead of time
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  9. I could not imagine myself enjoying licking assholes.
    And if a girl licked mine, I'd probably laugh and go soft.
    Fuck that.
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  10. Sure, why not? Let me be frank:

    If you/your partner are into it, I say have at it! Cleanliness is certainly a factor - or not if you are into that sort of thing/kink - and besides, you can't really eat pussy well without tossing at least a bit of salad....


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  11. Never tried it before but should be meetin up with this dude I've been talking to for a bit now... so tossin some salad may be in my future. ;D
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  12. I eat my girls booty! But hers is the only one ive ate!
  13. I dated this one chick for 4 years...didn't have any hair in her butt...I never heard/smelled her fart, nor did I even smell the faintest whiff of her having taken a shit in the bathroom (and we lived together for 2 years)? Pretty sure she ate food, it turned into translucent butterflies in her belly, they fluttered out of her body, turned into dandelion seeds and scattered peacefully in the wind. That's seriously what happened to all her turds :D

    Anyway, she's the only girl who's ass I've eaten. My roommate never lets me hear the end of it either. Whenever there's a crude discussion of rim jobs here, he always puts me on blast as the guy who eats ass. Fuck it's too short to not tongue the bung of a hot girl :smoking:
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  14. Internet man look up pussy tricks 101

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