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Tossed out opiates 3 weeks ago and using medical cannabis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sjacobson7, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. hi,

    I had been on a very high dose of Percocet and morphine for about 6 years straight! I have been on pain meds off and on 20 years! Long story short I had surgery and with such a high tolerance they prescribed dilaudid and I had a very bad reaction and decided I o get off
    Opiates and use medical cannabis! I’m on a short suboxone taper as well
    To help with the withdrawals and have been for 3 weeks! Hoping to start tapering soo! My question is if I’m
    Using edibles, dab, rso and flower to help
    With my pain control and anxiety and ptsd! Compared to what I have been taking for pain opiates wise how much cannabis should I be using daily to get the best benefits! Second question, how long does it take til
    You get used to it enough that you can drive or work s full shift at work! 3rd question is I use
    Only Indica domineer stuff, I just got a sativa cartridge and haven’t tried it yet! Do you think it may cause paranoia and anxiety?
  2. I'm not sure how long this will take you. Just keep working towards your goal and well done by the way!!! The whole Indica Sativa thing has been wrong all along it turns out. Science is telling us those two terms have much more to do with the morphology of the plant over how it makes us feel, you know, broad leaf over narrow.... that kind of thing.

    What you need to be looking for are percentages of THC to CBD. Get a 1:1 as the CBD helps balance out the side effects of the THC. It would do you some good to understand how different terpenes affect you too. Some like Mercene makes on feel more relaxed while Limonene makes one feel uplifted. It's fun learning about terpenes. You can even just use your nose to smell every jar until you find that medicine that your body is craving. The nose knows!
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  3. So that will help
    Get used to it more as well?
  4. here is a great thread to check out.. you can help how effectively you dose your cannabis and increase its strength or decrease ETC.... Cannabis Black Pepper.
    Citicholine too can be taken along with cannabis to slow down or stop the effects of cannabis if to strong ETC... if you want a higher dose to handle your condition ( the balancing act and tolerance) citicholine could be a back out plan...
    lemon too can slow down how much metabolism of the cannabis actives are happening ... lemon takes over acetylcholine channels that THC occupied
  5. Good luck bud. Never had a problem with opiates. Too damn scared of them. I hear it's hell but happy you are making the right choice.
  6. I would of kept em n tapered myself off them slowly. When I got off cold turkey I spent 3 days on the couch and it took me over a month to quit thinking about them all day long.
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  7. I've been off opiates now for 2years. Used for back issues since 2005. I feel much better. Use marijuana from 4 o'clock on. Use gabapentin 600mg. and a mus le relaxer during the day.

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  8. Damn good luck. I did about 3 months in the hospital for some health stuff and was on percs and dilauded multiple times a day, daily. Coming off that shit was a bitch.
  9. there's some guy on the middle of the woods in Michigan that's helping people get off of opiates I saw it on an HBO show or something and it's like soon as you get there he load you up a huge dab and then gives you RSO capsules measured out every night and just pound you for weed to help you get off. We're talkin heavy heroin and opiate users

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  10. I watched the aforementioned show. Good stuff!!

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  11. I’ve been taking Percocet on and off for ten years due to severe leg and back injuries that have left me in chronic pain. The past two years have been an ugly cycle of barely making it through the day, running out of medication, and pain so intense that for a moment, even a final exit was being considered.

    It was when it got to that point I caved in and tried cannabis. It didn’t work. At all. It was exactly what I recalled it being from high school: you smoke it, you’re baked, you stare and giggle at stupid stuff, then eat some Twinkies and take a nap.

    Back to the pills and desperation.

    I finally made a pilgrimage to a cannabis friendly location. Not really. I grew up in the area and still have family there so while there for a visit, I got the cannabis recommendation from some unlikely sources, and that is where things changed. Drastically, dramatically, and immediately.

    By the time I returned home, I called and cancelled my upcoming doctors appointment to refill my prescription, ensured I had enough medication on hand to get me through the growing season, and seeds of a strain that I found that did almost everything I needed it to do.

    Coming off of Percocet is never fun, but we’ve been through it before, and knew what to expect, and how to handle it. I also made sure my primary care provider was informed of what was happening, why, and how; just in case we needed medical assistance. Fortunately, we did not.

    Now I just need to fine tune my options, and really narrow down the most effective strain(s), and method(s) of ingestion.

    But without cannabis, I was destined for a life chained to pills. Not anymore.

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