Torrent my new album!

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    Finally finished everything for my first full set for my solo stuff it's 9 tracks, I'd host it not as a torrent but I don't have any hosting I'm kind of a noob at that,

    You can listen to all the tracks in my sig

    Thanks!! :hello:

    Edit; JK don't torrent it just download it from here;
    thx for the help guys
  2. just downloaded it homey, looking forward to hearing it eventually :D

    edit: download link was fucked for me, listening on soundcloud instead
  3. Thanks man, I'll have to figure out a reliable way to host it for downloads, appreciate the listen

    If anyone knows of a good site to host a like 75mb file let me know!
  4. Perhaps Rapidshare?
  5. Host it on mediafire, no wait and fast as hell
  6. Yeah, all I got from that first link was a horny matches popup.
  7. Perfect I'll go upload to that now and edit my top link, that's exactly what I'm lookin for

    Ahah oops! I will just get rid of that all together.

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