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toronto veed (updated often)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TDotOh, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. I bought a QP of what you guys would call schwag (3 ounces) and 1 ounce of White Widow. I bought it all for 690$ Canadian. Ill show what i have left.

    Here is the schwag its actually really decent. The avg going rate for weed like this is

    A dime- 1.0 for 10$
    A twenty sack- 2.0 for 20$
    A half quarter- 3.5 for 30$
    A quarter- 7.0 for 50$
    a half o- 14.0 for ruffly 90-120$
    A o- 28.0 for 160-220$

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  2. Here is the white widow this is the only nugget i left for my self everything else is gone and my source for the white widow is gone so what ever i have left is whats around. The prices for white widow is

    A dime-0.7 for 10$
    a twenty-1..6 for 20$
    a half q- 3.0-3.3 for 40-50$
    a q- 6.4-6.8 for 60-65$
    a half o-13.4-13.7 for 120-130$
    a o-27.5-28.0 for 260$+

    sorry for the shitty quality using my iphone ill use the camera next time

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  3. i wouldent consier that stuff shwag exactly.... it looks pretty decent, hell i wish the shwag around here was like that lol
  4. Ya I've never really seen anything that much worse then this stuff.
  5. North York
  6. I'm not to sure
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    Just bought some med grade bubble hash from a friend that he made himself. This stuff is honestly soooo strong. he sold me a g of this for 50$. I know its expensive but .1 got me and 3 other people retarded. He also has a high grade that he sells for 70$ a g and a low for 30$ a g.

    Also I was wondering if you guys have seen anything like this before. I pick up 7g's today of this stuff that smells like blueberry(or some type of really fruitiness aroma). It honestly looks amazing and I'm going to try some tonight and tell you how it went.

    Here are the pics....

    it wont let me upload the pics i dunno why

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  8. yoo north york i used to live at lawrence and culford over near amesbury arena you know where that is?
  9. I just had a .2 joint (only half of it) and got really stoned lol for a good hour its starting to die down now
  10. Im smoking yourschwagg right now lmao what a buzz
  11. Haha.. Toronto shwagg hey.. I like the white widow and hash you got tho. Enjoy man!! :smoking:
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    That's mid grade. Even your prices are mid grade prices. Shwagg is usually between 60 and 80 for an ounce. Atleast it is where i'm from.
  13. sorry but those prices (10/g for the first post stuff, 50/g for hash) are pretty wack considering I only live about an hour from Toronto and I get this for $10/g, $35/8th. I also got offered .8 of Aghani Gold Seal hash for $10 only..

  14. damn, $50 a g for bubble hash? is hash pretty uncommon in Toronto?
  15. man, you get cheap quads, down here in belleville, they go for 60

  16. lol no gram of that kind of hash is like 10 or 20 lmao.

    weed he posted is mids, but like he said you dont see much worse here. we just call it outdoor for the most part.
    if close with some dealers you could get the mids he posted for prices like quarter for 40. because that shit deff isnt more then 160 an ounce. prob around 120-140 for the dealer.

    i have a nice connect, hooking me up with AAA grade shit for 60/quarter or 200 an ounce.

    ill take it but its getting fucking expensive
  17. If you only got 3 ounces and they said it was a QP you got screwed. 4 oz is a QP
  18. I have seen this bud !! It isn't too bad for schwag, and the ww looks nice too man.

  19. re read the post i got 3 ounces of the outdoor(schwag) and the 1 oz of the WW which is a qp

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