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Discussion in 'General' started by Dank_Head, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. just moved to Toronto last night, right down town and lovin it. whos all in the area:smoking:
  2. I'm not far from you.. An hour and fourty five prob..
  3. x2

    moved 20 minutes from Toronto from Calgary not too long ago, going to school in Toronto starting Tuesday
  4. hour and 45 is a little far, unless you got some super dank than ur close haha
  5. theres gotta be more of us here..
  6. I live in Newmarket, about 30 minutes north of the T.O
  7. Toronto? Never heard of it.
  8. Live about 2 hours away. But I plan to move there within 2 years.
  9. ha i probably wont be here in 2 years
  10. One of Toronto's best features is its blentiful chronic and cheap prices. Seriously, we should have used that in our Olympic bid. That alone would have beaten the Chinese.
  11. There are such major differences in the tolerance and availability of pot in the greater toronto area. I recently moved into the northern 905 (aurora-newmarket) from the western 905 (hamilton) and it is like night vs. day. Living in Hamilton, I would be offered something on any typical day walking to work and I could ALWAYS find something to keep my spirits high. But since moving to the northern gta, I've been met with nothing but evil looks and stigmatization for even mentioning the word in the wrong place.

    I thought tolerance and availability would be pretty similar in the area, but there isn't any socially acceptable place in newmarket or aurora to discuss or make relationships with like-minded folks. I feel terrible for the environmental impact I have making a bi-weekly drive to Hamilton just to find a) friends who enjoy it and b) people who sell it.

    I have moved around the GTA extensively (Hamilton, North York, Toronto, Brantford, Oshawa, and Kitchener) and never once have I been unable to find pot smokers as well as pot itself. But the few people I have spoken with in town mentioned that Newmarket used to have a pot shop, but the authorities closed it down. Am I reading too much into that? How can a city like Toronto and Hamilton operate SMOKING cafes while a place like Newmarket cracks down on a regular ol' paraphenalia shop?
  12. i live up in the east york area, holla~!
  13. 2 hours South West represent!
  14. 5 hours north here...

    But at christmas time only an hour north...
  15. T.O stand up. Im at Scarborough here
  16. 8 hours north here..

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