Toronto seed bank ?

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  1. So I'm taking a trip to toronto in a few weeks... currently have valid california mmj documentation. I got it while on vacation last year. My question is will they accept this if I go into a seed bank or dispensary in Canada? I'd really like to pick up quality seeds before my mmj expires :/ Thanks fer reading..
  2. Well I'm stoned and just realized I posted this in the wrong section..and I'm on my I'm not gonna be able to fix it :bongin:
  3. They won't even ask you for ID in Toronto
  4. What about at the border?..much hassle?
  5. Shouldn't be a problem as long as they're left in their non-viable souvenir packaging. At worse if you get a jerk border guy they might take them away.
  6. Cool cool..I wasn't worried much...I wouldda kiestered em, almost got busted that way tho @san diego airport with their 360 scanners they got running.. Luckly I got out of line... went to the bathroom and ate my evidence before anything happened..thanks for the head up.
  7. You from sd gg1k?
  8. No..went on vacay last january...close enough to toronto now..
  9. I see. Well if you feel like not going to Toronto for seeds, I used planetskunk to get some good seeds from overseas
  10. I know they have a good one in Kingston.
  11. Truthfully your probably better off using attitude! B/c the first time I ever purchased seeds it was in toronto and I got taken for a ride with there stuff being too high I didn't know any better then but 275.00 US for some white berry from paradise seeds. My first online order wit attitude was way less than that and I got more packs of freebies
  12. Attitude is good, but you cant expect to walk into a place without knowing a little about the price of things. Its like buying a car. If you don't know how to handle yourself your going to be taken advantage of. I would say pop in and look around.
  13. Thanks for the info guys... I figured you'd get a better deal at a store..but I'm all about freebies :) I'll have to post again after my trip!
  14. Forgot to mention attitude didn't exist then this was in 2007/08 and my only source was high times

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