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Toronto Pickup **pics**

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by itbeatsdointhat, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. how much for it ..also great bud
  2. beautiful buds. happy toking :)
  3. how much did you pay for it? what strain?
  4. 1000,
    didnt get a name, didnt ask or expect one...
    I go through a whole LOT of bud, name has less of a meaning to me
  5. haha just got it

    umm looks dank do you sell or just smoke alot?
  6. superman baggies!!! love emm!

  7. from what ive gathered, we arent allowed to talk about if we sell or not.
    i only smoke.. a gram-2 a day ish , give or take depending on day i guess
  8. take from that what you will :D
  9. looks exactly like bud from the toronto-montreal area. I have bud that looks exactly like that. its called M-39 its a high yielder, mainly a cash cropping bud. Smokes great tho and doesnt stink much. mine sorta just smelled like tea, i dont know about yours? peace and pot.

  10. haha good call man

    i see alot of baggies haha so im guessing you dont sell :rolleyes:

    good pick up i wish i could get stuff like that for that price
  11. that'd be it trs.
    smell isnt strong, its so they can grow on city blocks relatively unnoticed.

  12. neva eva:cool:
  13. wow that looks great, nice pick up!

  14. quick question

    where do ppl get those baggies? the superman spiderman batman bags?

    ive never seen them for sale
  15. any headshop here has em,
    hell some random corner stores do hah
  16. haha damn ive never seen them ive only seen the clear ones and the ones i get from my dealer
  17. Well he probably has collected them over years from smoking a gram a day. :rolleyes:

    Every headshop I have been to has the superman or black panther bags for sale
  18. thick ass stem..
    but otherwise nice and hairy
  19. yo they be right hurr

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