Toronto Hemp Company - A Virtual Tour (HI-RES Pic Walkthrough of Glass Shop)

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  1. The Toronto Hemp Company; usually referred to as THC by the locals, is the premiere destination in Toronto for smoking accessories and all things hemp. One of the largest shops in North America, THC boasts three floors and 7500 sq. feet of glass pipes and bongs, various other smoking accessories, hemp products (clothing and much more) and medicinal gardening supplies.

    The shop was founded in 1994 and over the years has become a popular spot in downtown Toronto for stoners to find that special pipe, bong, or vaporizer that they're looking for. Now apart of Toronto's "pot block," otherwise known as Yongesterdam, THC is just one of the many shops that owner Dom Cramer now operates. Also in the area is a glass art studio, Toronto Art Glass and a exotic seed and houseplant shop, Sacred Seed.

    The Toronto Hemp Company has seen incredible growth over the years, moving from a tiny second-floor office space to a prime ground-floor retail location with both local and international recognition. Although there are a handful of shops in the area, none offer a similar selection of products to chose from. We stopped by the shop this weekend for a peek at the inventory and thought we would snap some photos of all the glass and hemp wares for your viewing pleasure!

    Enjoy this gallery and virtual tour of Toronto Hemp Company and stay tuned in the future for video content and pictures from a few other glass destinations.

    Full gallery is available here:
    Toronto Hemp Company

    Here's a few shots from the gallery to give you a sneak peek..
    All almost 100 images here would just be wayyyy too much!

  2. Sorry about the large size photos, however, this was after they were already resized once! Woops.

    Again, just used to other forums that have auto resizing built-in. Hopefully this isn't too much scrolling for everyone. The pictures are worth it! Make sure you check the full gallery if glass is something you're into. You won't be disappointed.

    Stay high, blades!
  3. since the thread on gd got deleted by accident i'll respond here.

    I checked out the full gallery and was disappointed. sorry, but the teasers led me to believe this was a shop full of headies when in fact it seems to be mostly filled with garbage
  4. and i'm not trying to be a dick about it either, those teaser pics were just misleading
  5. What do you expect from teaser pics - the worst product they have available?

    I'm sorry you wasted 5-10 minutes of your time browsing the gallery if you were disappointed. Move along and maybe the next person will enjoy having a peek at the inside of a shop - headies or not!

    Stay high.
  6. im from sauga and i took the train to tdot to go buy a bong here. i thought it would be like liquid chrome in barrie ( google for those who dont know, its like the only heady shop in ontario) but i was kinda dissapointed. they had some really nice pieces. but ngl it was pretty overpriced. but thats canada for you. everyone thinks red eye and gear and hoss is the shit and its not china, but it actually is just overpriced. i liked the illadelph's but, meh.
    nice shop if you dont know shit about glass or your not a cheap bastard.
  7. I expect teaser pics to give me a taste of what's to come. When I saw these pics I expected the store to carry that type of glass. Come to find out, those are pretty much the only pieces of that quality and the majority of the shop is not up to that level. I've never even been to this shop, but it appears I'm not alone with my opinon, someone plus repped me for the first post.
  8. Sick RooRs, would not mind one of those cypress hill ones.
  9. On your slideshow were those little pipes filled with seeds?
  10. Yeah, looks like they were filled with hemp seeds or something.
    Didn't inquire to confirm but that's what I was left to assume in my glance.

    Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!
    Should have a full picture tour of Liquid Chrome in the future. They have a good selection of heady glass so that should be quite a visual treat for you boro fans out there. Stay tuned for that.

  11. Win. liquid chrome is a real headshop.

  12. That's a nice looking shop.. get the stick out of your ass

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