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toronto heads: first experience at V.L

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bigboy45, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. so last week i went to the vapor lounge with a couple friends after school for the first time, and i must say, its great. The environment is so chill, and every1 is really friendly. The best thing dont gotta worry about any cops!

    any1 else a frequent visitor?
  2. I've never been there, why are you saying you don't have to worry about cops there though...?
  3. never been there, but you should go to the hotbox cafe in kensington market, its fuckin dope as shittttt:smoke:
  4. because you can go in there and vape to your hearts content and never ever have to worry about the cops. the cops know its there, the cops know what people do in there, they don`t care unless the place starts selling.

  5. I went there a while back and just rolled a nice j and had a zebra, the whole area is really down to earth and chill. to bad the prices are high for the headshop =l
  6. drove by it yesterday. ill probably roll through later this week, are you only allowed to vape?

  7. yee so trueeee! i went to THC downtown and it's fucking RIDICULOUS! like a small bong maybe 9inches was $45. like it was plain man. fuckin christ. i dont even know im so baked haha sorry. but yeah. you needed to buy like $4.20 or more worth of food to enter the back patio haha

  8. yeah like zig-zags will be $2 for one when they go for 1.25 tops at every other convenience store. yeah that 4.20 thing was weird since most drinks were only $4.

    I want to visit the vapour lounge, how do they do things over there?
  9. Kinda off course, but Ziggy, is THC really expensive? I haven't been there, but my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I wanted to get a nice something for myself.. but if its ridiculous prices.. I'll just keep to the Hasty Markets around here ><
    Like, what are their prices compared to GC store prices? (to me, it seems like GC store is a little on the pricy side?)
  10. honestly don't even waste your time at THC. waaaay overpriced man! haha i bought my first bong from hasty :D they're decent but the glass quality is pretty shitty! i recommend going to friendly stranger downtown or happy dayz in newmarket!
  11. at the vapor lounge you arent required to buy any food or anything. the vaporizers are for free. You can rent rent bongs too if you want, or just sit down and smoke j's to your hearts content.

  12. So you're saying you walk in there with your own weed and start using the vaporizers, without paying anything?

    I'm moving to TO in a few months, it's things like these I'm looking forward to in such a big city.

    Also.. love Friendly Stranger... they really are all awesome employees. Plus a really cool store. I wanted to make it to Kensington Court's Hotbox Cafe... how do things work there?
  13. the cafe's the best, just make sure you bring money

  14. I just don't see how you can smoke freely and happily without paranoia of the law. I've spent time living in Holland where it's completely tolerated, and coming home I've never even considered smoking in a place where the cops know you are.

    I know Canada's always been lenient towards pot, but still... the fact that they could fuck with you bothers me. And how do the places run without being shut down? :confused:

    If all is as happy as I'm hearing here though, I'll check it out anyways ;)
  15. i wonder the same too, but im guessing its just like everyone for themselves. i have no idea i would like to know that too though
  16. Do any of you guys know if they have those types of cafes in the waterloo area. It would be a lot easier for me than making the drive down
  17. its $5 entry at vap lounge
    but you can easily get in for free cause every1 is stoned,
    just say you went out for a bog (cigarette) or was here earlier

    you cant smoke blunts in there and if you roll one you have to inform them
    they have the volcano vaporizers with a bunch of different size bags
    and couple of bongs, munchies, drinks, tvs,

    and i talked to the owner last week, the cops can actually come in anytime they want to and bust the place..they just got no time for that and it happened alot before they tired of bustin it
  18. i really need to check these spots out but getting to toronto is an issue. word around my city is that one them is gonna open up here in london ontario ( 2 hours south of toronto).

    if this is true im sooo pumped!

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