TORONTO Freedom Festival/Marijuana March

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  1. The biggest event that'll be held on Saturday. Who's going? :hello::smoking:
  2. I'm coming up from the states to spend the night and support the cause!!! I'm really excited to go up there with my friends. We will by staying at the Bond Place Hotel and hitting up the strip bars after. We were thinking the Devils Playground maybe...Any locals with suggestions?? What is everyone else doing up there?
  3. I'll be with a guy dressed completely in orange, and I'll be wearing all hemp, should be a good focal point if anyone wants to come say hi. :wave:
  4. Where is this going to be i am only an hour and a half away
  5. Google Maps

    See that huge park? There. :hello:
  6. Heck yes. I'll be there with a nice tree j. rolled up and waiting for 4:20. I've been practicing.

    I'll try to hunt you down, but out of the 15,000+ expected, I'm not sure how much "with a guy dressed entirely in orange" is going to help :p
  7. haha. It'll be a sick coincidence if it happens.

    I'm so fucking ready for Saturday. :hello::hello::hello:
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    May. 2
    Isolated showers
    P.O.P. \t40%
    High \t15C
    Low \t3C

    Meh, doesn't seem like ideal weather, but hopefully it's better than last year's. It was raining so me and 8 other people crammed into a little 4-man tent and hotboxed the motherfucker.
  9. is this at Queens park?
  10. Yes, it is!!

    haha yeh man me and my buddies brought a huge tarp and just cheefed under that the entire event, rain sucks!

  11. Looks like someone is taking a trip up to the T dot! what what! lol
  12. there is a very slim chance of me going... but i will do everything i possibly can to get there...:devious::smoking::metal:
  13. i hope someone sells me some bud there cause im dry =[
  14. Hell yeah, i'm pumped.
    I'll be there all day searching for some chems then going to the rave accross the street afterwards

  15. yeahhhhh torontooooooooo

    whatt whattttt
  16. it was sweet. who got a easy rolling tray? thier sweet :p
  17. TRUE.
    they are bomb, i lost mine though, gah
  18. I met her and we smoked a blunt. :D
  19. Haha yes, that was chronic! Completely tripped me out. Nice to meet ya, Salvial!
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    Baha. My buddy's contacts tripped out so many people.
    Nice to meet you too, sorry we had to say bye so abruptly, we needed to catch up to the march!

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