Toronto Freedom Festival 2010

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  1. Here are a few pictures and a video i took at the Toronto Freedom Festival on may 1, 2010.

    The video and pictures are mostly of the march, The festival started at 12pm and was a blast, must have been 60,000 people smoking weed and listening to live bands at Queen's Park in Toronto in front of the Toronto Parliament.

    The video is of the march, 40,000 people blazing and walking down younge street in downtown Toronto, i was having fun blowing tokes at police officers.

    Anyway here they are

    Video : [ame=""]YouTube - Toronto Freedom Festival Marijuana March 2010[/ame]


  2. No one has heard of the Toronto Freedom Festival?? Largest weed festival on earth.....
  3. ive been meaning to go every year, but something ALWAYS fuckin happens that prevents me.

    looks like its mad fun, love that guy just raising the bong hhaha.
  4. haha that dude holdin the bong looks ripped as fuck, looks like a good time
  5. You have no clue how lucky that shot was. I held up the camera over my head, clicked the button and looked and i had a perfect shot of a guy thrusting his bong into the air lol

  6. haha yes! bong thrusts ftw
  7. yah looks like fun lol.

    one of my friends went and he had a good time.

    maybe ill go next year
  8. Toronto's a neat place to visit no matter what's going on there. The people there are very friendly for such a large city. Lots of attractive women--I'm gonna have to go there sometime without a girlfriend.
  9. Oh man, i was there this year, i was like right under the tree the guy fell from, that shit was too funny. I was handed like 30 joints just walking around smoking from differnt groups, i had some to share too, but at 4 20 i was out of bud and like everyone was handing people blunts like i dont remember seeing anyone without a joint, it was so awesome, the music was legit too, for a free concert it was pretty amazing. The dude who fell from the tree i think broke his arm or something, but like 13 years with out a single arrest, thats something crazy, smoking a blunt walking past cops, the first few cops i seen i put the blunt down to my side but after that i was just blazing not even 20 feet away from em, it was insane. good time.
  10. Toronto's always a fun place to visit. The residents are very friendly for such a large city. I was on the phone telling my mom about one of my visits. My mom, who lived in Upper Michigan--up by Lake Superior--said "Imagine such a big, bustling city way up there in the tundra." I said "Mom, Toronto's farther south than you are."
  11. haha, i love my city. Its not as nice as people lead on but it has its perks, they have a street that has like 8 differnt head shops on it, and you can pay like 5 bucks and you can chill upstairs blazing in a chill spot, they got like 4 flat screens and xboxs, when i had my apartment i used to go there and blaze to meet dealers, toronto is legit.
  12. yeah i love tdot .. its so lively.

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