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Discussion in 'General' started by blue collar, May 18, 2006.

  1. Looking at what appears to be a weight OZ have to weight it tomorrow to confirm. The guy wants $160.00 is this a good deal??
  2. Yeah.

    But do you know the guy? Street reef can be bad no matter where you go.

    $5/gram isn't bad. inspect the grass before you even pull your wallet out. Make sure you're certain you wanna pay for it.
  3. For 160$ its most likely China, but Ill keep my fingers crossed for you anyway.

    If it smells like grass tell your dealer to fuck some ass ;) (really stoned)

  4. im keepin my fingers crossed for you in PA. peace.
  5. Hey Rasta it's home grown and it's been fronted to me. I'm trying it tonite and if I like it I pay if not I give it back.
  6. 160$ is about what i get around here.
  7. Hah good deal.
  8. Sounds like a pretty standard deal to me, just make sure your not getting china-ed.
  9. Explain? china-ed ? Just got in and I must say it's pretty good shit. I laid a bud on a guy at work today and asked for his opinion tomorrow. His shit is always more potent than mine.
  10. lmao i just got the funniest mental picture when you said "I laid a bud on a guy"

    lmao im sick...
  11. China Town, the huge district in toronto south of Queen St.

    They have terrible terrible dope. It's what you get when you try and buy from some dirtbag off the street.

    I've never gotten it, just heard stories. Most of my buying happens outside the city.
  12. Its m39 grown in conditions to make as much money as possible, so its this really dense bud with red hair that smells like grass. Its never properly dried thats why a bud that looks like a gram can be a 20. The smoke is dirty, the buzz is dirty, much rather pay the extra buck for the real deal :D

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